Smart Home Water Technology Is Revolutionizing Common Water Issues

water technology

Water treatment technology may be an unfamiliar term, however, in the past few years, millions of dollars have been invested into developing technology that is focused on improving water usage, consumption and quality. 

The advance of smart home technology is revolutionizing the way we live. We’re now able to see into our living rooms, unlock our doors, and now, control nearly every item remotely!

While the fun tech gadgets usually get all the attention when it comes to smart home technology, the market for products that help reduce energy, control various systems and generally improve our quality of life is exploding.

Whether it’s simple to more complex tasks, technology, coupled with the dominant force of the internet, has made such tasks a little more comfortable, and even fun to do. By 2019, a projected 38.2 million North American households are expected to have smart home systems.

From SmartThings (water leak sensor) to Rachio Sprinklers (saves you money on your water bill by optimizing your sprinkler system), home automation systems allow you to be water-smart by helping you make watering decisions based on your home and the planets ecological needs –  it really is a great time to be alive.

What’s greater? Along with these transformative smart home systems, modern technology and the ‘internet of things’ is bringing more and more innovations to the surface in support of solving the problems residential homes all over the country are facing. 

The Smart Home - Water Technology is Here!

Thanks to technology, our world has changed and keeps changing by the day. Technology has made it so that things that were once considered luxuries are now absolute necessities.

As consumers become increasingly tech-savvy and energy conscious, the future of the home is distinctly a connected and networked one. In 1995 roughly 10% of households had the internet. Today, our society depends on it for just about every function in our life.

Home automation technology allows us to control our entire home from one streamlined app. The functionality it provides makes it increasingly indispensable to running our household as well as ensuring that we are caring for the environment.

With that said, here are 6 popular home automation systems that are helping to fix our water woes:

Samsung's SmartThings - Digital Monitoring for Analog Problems

Samsung’s SmartThings is a home automation and monitoring system that features five different smart sensors for home system monitoring, all linked together wirelessly via the Hub. This technology provides real time monitoring of home systems that traditionally, have not been monitored digitally. 

Detect leaks instantly, monitor consumption, control functions, you name it! The benefits of this technology are absolutely astounding. 

The great thing about SmartThings is that it gives you the option to easily connect to your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or one of the SmartThings apps to control your smart home.

You can configure these smart sensors however you like in your home, then get instant notifications if anything is out of the ordinary. You can also buy additional sensors, including a water detector and a water sensor. Next, we explore some of the specific monitoring devices that can be enabled with your Samsung SmartThings System.

Everspring Water Detector

Water leaks are harmful to your home and wasteful on the planet if they are left undetected. SmartThing’s water detector known as Everspring Water Detector monitors water leaks and flood and sends you alerts if your Everspring sensor detects water.

You can also automate connected devices with SmartThings and set them to turn on or turn off if your Everspring sensor detects water.

SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

Similar to the Everspring sensor, the SmartThings Water Leak Sensor monitors water leaks and floods. However, it also monitors temperature.
This device can send you alerts from SmartThings if your water leak sensor detects water, or if the temperature changes.

You can also automate connected devices with SmartThings and set them to turn on or turn off if your water leak sensor detects water, or if the temperature changes.

Aeotec Water Sensor 6

The Aeotec Water Sensor 6 monitors when a pipe in your home has burst or is leaking, and not only that, but it can take protective measures to help limit the amount of damage caused.

This smart device will help you monitor and protect against leaks and floods in real-time. Leaks are not only costly, but they also increase pressure on water resources and raise the chances of pollutants infiltrating supplies. This device is super accurate and can detect as little as 0.03% of an inch of water, making it your first line of defence against damaged plumbing.

Filtered Water Bottles

During the last decade, the bottled water industry has made huge technological progresses. Recently, filtered water bottle popularity has gone through the roof. This company uses filters (in their BPA free water bottles) created by technology originally developed for the NASA space program!

Here’s a comparison chart we created to help you decide on the best filtered water bottle for your needs.

Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Flood & Freeze Sensor

There’s also the Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Flood & Freeze Sensor which also monitors water leaks, floods, and very low temperatures. Many of us are also taking advantage of new meat delivery services

Leak Intelligence Leak Gopher Water Shutoff Valve

This one is the Leak Intelligence Leak Gopher Water Shutoff Valve, and it controls your water supply with an automated valve. It prevents things like water damage, and you can automatically turn the water off when leaks are detected.

Rachio Sprinklers