Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller Review 2020

If you want to improve the quality of your tap water without investing a fortune, the Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller may be the perfect solution for you!

Just imagine the convenience of accessing cold, refreshing, drinking water in your home or office anytime you like. No more plastic bottles to worry about, no more unscheduled errands to the corner store, no more foul taste or odors from your tap, just a gallon of clear, pristine, delicious H20.

That’s exactly what you get with this amazingly affordable, hassle-free distillation unit. While there are plenty of options you could choose from, the Waterwise 4000 is perfectly suited for serving a small – medium size household of 2 – 4 people.


  • Up to 6 gallons in 24hrs
  • Auto Shut-off after 1 Gallon Cycle
  • Stainless Steel Condenser

In a hurry? Check out the results of our in depth Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller review before you decide.

  • Assembly/Installation: N/A
  • Construction Quality: 3/5
  • Performance: 4/5
  • Durability: 3/5
  • Cleaning And Maintenance: 4/5

Overall iWaterPurification Score: 70%

Read the full review below for a more detailed comparison of the pros and cons of the Waterwise 4000.

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Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller Full Review

With the increasing concern over the safety and health of city drinking water, finding the best water distiller has never been more necessary. The Waterwise 4000 turns less than desirable tap water into refreshing, purified drinking water that tastes great.

Compared to similar distillers, it offers great value at a very competitive price. T