Why Whirlpool is an Industry Leader

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The time has finally come to buy a water dispenser. It may be because you’ve had the same dispenser for years and recognize that it’s time for an upgrade. Or, maybe you’ve never had a dispenser before but have heard about the foreign particles in tap water that could be affecting your health. By making the choice to purchase a new water dispenser, you’re investing in an appliance that will provide long term health benefits for you and your family.

With so many water dispensers on the market, making your choice can be overwhelming. Sometimes more the more research you do, the further you get from making a decision as the options become overwhelming. Is there one home appliance brand you can trust? Is there a company you already know to make high-quality appliances? Is there one manufacturer that outshines the competition?

Here at iWaterPurifcation, it’s our goal to help you find the best water filtration products that provide quality and value. Based on thousands of online reviews, there is one company that truly delivers the complete package and has a track record to prove it.

That company is Whirlpool. Whirlpool is the world’s largest manufacturer of home appliances, specializing in washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, food processors, and – you guessed it – water purifiers and water dispensers. It’s important to point our there are many great brands on the market that make water dispensers, we are choosing to explore some of the reasons why Whirlpool is such a trusted brand. We hope you find this information helpful!

The History of Whirlpool

With over 100 years of history, Whirlpool has taken the time to build a reputation for quality and reliability. It’s that reputation that has made Whirlpool a household name and that has built up a large number of loyal customers who trust the brand and fill their homes with Whirlpool appliances.

In 1908, Lou Upton put his life savings into a company that intended to make products for the home. When that company failed, Upton opted to take the patents for a handwashing machine in hopes of developing the product on his own. The result was a motorized wringer washer and the beginning of Upton Machine Company.

Since then, the company has been focused on providing quality appliances and exceptional customer service. After merging with another company in 1929, Upton Machine Company transitioned to become the Nineteen Hundred Corporation. That company grew steady, through the Great Depression, right up to World War II. The customer base grew quickly when production started up again in 1945.

In 1949, the company changed its name again. Whirlpool Corporation established its brand and a new era began.

Why Whirlpool is an Industry Leader

Today, Whirlpool manufactures appliances for every area of the home. In the laundry room, you’ll find Whirlpool washers and dryers, continuing the legacy of the Upton Machine Company. From refrigerators to dishwashers to ovens, Whirlpool has your whole kitchen covered. And, of course, you’ll want to try the Whirlpool water dispensers that combine health, technology, and smart home design.

When you buy a Whirlpool appliance, you’re investing in three things:

  1. Quality Assurance
  2. Products with the Latest Features
  3. A Commitment to Innovation

Whirlpool Quality Assurance

Whirlpool appliances made today are still designed with the same underlying vision: to improve the living standards of everyday people through manufacturing the highest quality home appliances. They are a shining example of a modern company that has set out to make the world a more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing place to be.

At a time when consumers are inundated with cheap and low-quality appliances that will need replacing before too long, a company with quality assurance guarantees like Whirlpool is needed. Not only are Whirlpool appliances affordable, but they also offer the highest quality for the money you’ll pay. You’ll save even more money over time as you’ll find you don’t need to pay for expensive repairs or replacements.

Products with the Latest Features

Aside from this commitment to quality, every Whirlpool product (including its family of subsidiary companies like Maytag and KitchenAid) has the latest features that differentiate it from competitors. These smart features are more important than ever, and customers are looking for brands and products that meet the need for the latest and greatest technology and design.

When shopping for home appliances, be sure to keep an eye on some of these Whirlpool features. You’ll find connected appliances that can be controlled by touch, app, and smart home assist. You’ll also notice the sleek design of Whirlpool products, giving the same aesthetic as much more expensive brands, without the high price tag.

With Whirlpool, beauty is in the details. From LED lighting displaces to curved edges to nozzles that are designed specifically to prevent leaks, the brand excels in incredible design that makes products more usable.

 A Commitment to Innovation

If you want to benefit from the best that technological improvements can bring to the home appliance market, then Whirlpool is your best bet. Only a company with a deep commitment to product innovation will stick around as long as Whirlpool has.

One great example is Smart Home Technology Whirlpool appliances. The company has been focused on creating smart products to bring tech into the home in a new and innovative way. In a survey, Whirlpool found that 79 percent agree that eventually, all appliances will be smart. However, the participants also noted that they value quality and well-made products over everything else. Whirlpool is meeting the need and the expectations of customers with their products.

Product innovation reaches to every category of products at the company. You’ll see more powerful but gentle agitators in washing machines. On stovetops, you’ll see flexible cooking surfaces. And, with water dispensers, you’ll find updates like the Accu-Chill™ Technology that gives you water at the perfect temperature, every time you want to take a sip.

The Best Water Dispensers

Although water dispensers are traditionally associated with office spaces, the truth is that many people are now choosing to have a dispenser in their home.

It is now commonly understood that tap water is full of external contaminants that both affect the flavor of the water and could potentially lead to unhealthy ingestion of lead, copper, or other pathogens. The recent revelations about the contaminated tap water in Flint, Michigan reveal some of the health side effects of drinking contaminated water – side-effects that are particularly damaging to children. When 15% of the population might be drinking contaminated water, it makes a lot of sense to look for alternatives.

This brings us back to water dispensers. They are an excellent way to ensure you and your family are drinking clean water. While any filtration system that serves to purify your water is a good option, there are some products that will work better and make your home or workplace a little more convenient. The best water dispensers will have some features that make them stand out.

Here are five features you should look for when choosing a water dispenser, and how Whirlpool’s range of water dispensers are meeting the need:

Temperature Control

Accu-Chill™ Technology provides a perfectly chilled cup of water so you can stay hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. You’ll also have the option of getting hot water, making it easy to have a cup of tea or mixing up some hot cocoa to warm you up on cooler days.