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Best Backwashing Filter System

Installing a quality backwashing systems is worth the effort to remove water odors and improve water taste. Specifically, backwashing filter systems are built for long-term water treatment of harmful chemicals.  

If you detect high levels of the following contaminants in your drinking water, this review is for you:

  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Iron
  • Sulfurides
  • Organics

Whether it’s for your office, home, RV,  or a single tap, these backwashing systems reviews will help you pick the best of the best. 

Check out our list of top picks for a quick overview, then scroll below for a more detailed review of each to identify the best backwashing filter system for you.

Now let’s dive in!

  • 1.5” inch High-grade GAC Carbon Media Filter
  • Patented Digital Controller for advanced programming/systems diagnostics
  • Can remove chlorine from your water and many other contaminants
  • Slightly smaller version of Fleck Digital Carbon Backwashing System
  • 1.0 inch High-grade Catalytic Carbon Media Filter
  • Can remove water odors and improve water taste
  • High Active Anion Exchange Resins
  • Fleck 5810 XTR2 digital controller
  • Can remove alkaline and nitrates from your water

Top 3 Best Backwashing Filter Systems Reviews of 2024

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions:10 x 10 x 62 inches
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • 10″ x 54″ Structural Resin Tank 
  • 1.5 cu. ft. High Activity Carbon media 
  • Fleck 5600SXT Digital Backwashing Filter Valve 
  • 3/4″ Stainless Steel Bypass Valve
  • 5 yr Valve warranty
  • 10 yr Tank warranty
  • Max Recommended Flow Rate: 3 – 8 GPM
  • Min Recommended Backwash Flow Rate: 5.5 GPM

Best Suited For: Chlorine, chloramines, chemicals, bad tastes and odors

Product Overview

Highly rated by users, the Fleck BWF-CRB15-56SXT Digital Carbon Backwashing System

is a versatile and effective carbon backwashing filter system. Whether you need to remove chlorine from your well water, or remove bad odors like hydrogen sulfide, the Fleck Digital Carbon Backwashing system delivers quality water treatment with little maintenance required.

Each unit includes a standard ¾” bypass valve made of durable stainless steel, but you can request 1” if needed. In a household or office with 3 – 8 GPM, the structural resin tank effectively removes or reduces a number of contaminants from your water, including pesticides/herbicides, THM, MTBE, and organics. 

The digital controller is fully automated, which means once you set the backwashing cycle, you never have to do it again. During the backwashing process, harmful residue is flushed out of the backwashing filtration media and cleans the carbon for continued clean drinking water. 

The 1.5 high activity carbon media is GAC (granular activated carbon)  which is what makes it so effective at removing chlorine. The backwash cycle comes already programmed, but you can adjust it based on the level of contamination and water usage in your home. 

Depending on these criteria, backwashing every 5 – 7 days on average in a household using 2000 gallons/day should keep your Fleck Carbon Backwashing System running for years. The resin tank is covered by warranty for 10 years (mfg conditions) so you can rest easy once you install it, knowing that your investment is protected for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions: 9” x 9” x 48”
  • 1.0 Cu. ft Catalytic Carbon Media Filter
  • Fleck 5600SXT digital valve
  • 9” inch Resin Tank
  • 3/4″ bypass valve
  • 5 yr Valve Warranty
  • 10 yr Tank Warranty

Best Suited For: Iron, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, chloramines, chemicals

Product Overview

Next in our review is the 9” inch Abundant Flow Water BWF-CC10-56SXT Catalytic Carbon Backwashing System by Fleck. Made by the same manufacturer, this unit is a slightly smaller version of the Fleck Digital Carbon Backwashing System.  The carbon media is half a foot smaller but uses catalytic carbon, a significant difference.

Detailed instructions are provided for the installation to make it easier, and Fleck also provides customer support by phone to help you troubleshoot along the way. Once installed, the Fleck 5600SXT digital valve is pre-programmed so you can just turn it on and start enjoying better quality water immediately!


With it’s 1.0 inch catalytic carbon media filter, the Abundant Flow Water Backwashing Carbon Filter System can not only remove chloramines from your water, it can also remove water odors left by sulfides such as rotten eggs. In fact, the highly charged catalytic carbon provides higher surface area for improved water treatment, and will improve water taste in your home or office for many years with proper use and care.

The manufacturer does warn however, that repeated use of the filter for removing hydrogen sulfide could wear out the catalytic carbon media filter more quickly. The filter is covered by warranty, so be sure to read the terms and conditions

So if you’re dealing with high levels of chloramines in your household water and you need a reliable backwashing system, the Abundant Flow Water Backwashing Carbon Filter System really is a great bargain.

Key Features:

  • Fleck 5810 XTR2 Touch-screen Digital Control Valve
  • Stainless steel outer jacket
  • 1″inch  MNPT in/out with bypass valve
  • Structural Poly glass Filter Media Tank

Best Suited For: removal of silica form well and municipal water supplies, industrial demineralization

Product Overview:

For those of you who are concerned about the presence of silica and other harmful minerals in your well or municipal water, the WECO Backwashing Filter with A600E Anion-Exchange Resin is specifically built for reducing alkaline and nitrates in your water.

These are industrial-grade ion-exchange backwashing filters. Unlike backwashing carbon filters, anion-exchange uses insoluble, high-grade polymers instead of carbon. The polymers are porous, allowing them to absorb more ions in a larger surface area. The result is clear, clean water free of harmful minerals.

The Weco Backwashing Filter uses a user-friendly Fleck 5810 XTR2 digital controller with advanced diagnostics features, remote regeneration, and programmable auxiliary relays. The resin tank is secured by a stainless steel jacket and uses standard 1” bypass valves for connecting to your well or city water supply.

If you need to remove alkalinity, nitrate and uranium from your municipal water in your home, office, medical or industrial facility, the WECO Backwashing Filter is definitely worth the investment. You’ll have healthy drinking water, improve water taste, and save money for years to come!

The Best Replacement & Additional Parts For Your Backwashing Systems

Product image of 45 micron high-precision stainless steel filter from RAOLUNS Prefilter

When you need to replace a digital control head for your backwashing carbon filters or backwashing systems, Fleck provides a generous warranty for the resin tank and controller. If your controller is damaged for reasons not covered by your warranty, however, you’ll need to order the right replacement.

Fleck makes a wide range of premium-grade digital control heads for backwashing filters. They are easy to attach and designed with patented technology for maximum efficiency. Typically, your control head should last longer than 5 years if used correctly.

Here are a few recommendations for replacing your backwashing filter valve cost-effectively:

The Top 3 Best Replacement Parts for Backwashing Filter Systems

  • Fleck 2510 SXT Digital backwashing filter valve with LCD Display
  • Adjustable, 5-cycle control for efficient upflow/downflow backwashing service
  • 5 yr warranty

Best Suited For: Iron filters, backwashing carbon filters, sediment filters, and most other backwashing systems

Product Overview

If you already have a whole house backwashing filter system but you need to replace a quality backwashing filter valve, the Fleck Replacement Digital Backwashing Filter Valve may be the best there is in the US today.

Easy to use and program like other Fleck controllers, it attaches very easily. The touch-pad and LCD Display make it simple to set your timer for the most convenient regeneration time. The advanced 5-cycle control also lets you adjust the backwashing cycle for timed upflow or downflow as well. 

Even at high flow rates, the Fleck Replacement Digital Backwashing Filter will perform with slightly noticeable drop in water pressure, and will last you for many years. You’ll never need to spend valuable time regenerating your resin tank ever again once it’s installed!

  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Fleck 2510 filter valve 
  • 12 Day Clock Timer
  • Adjustable backwash cycles for extended rinse options
  • Compatible with tanks up to 16” diameter

Product Overview

Iron filters need a strong backwashing system and the Fleck Filter Head 2510 from AFW Filters does just that. A hydraulically balanced piston, seal and spacers along with a user-friendly digital controller makes it easy for the average homeowner to use.

The Fleck Filter 2510 Replacement Filter Head is compatible with most backwashing filter systems and fits any tank up to 16” inches in diameter. With it’s 12-day adjustable clock timer, you have more options for setting the timer. 

Whether you need frequent backwashing or require only minimal use, the Fleck 2510 Filter Head Replacement will perform admirably , and is covered by a 5yr warranty. 

Note: This replacement head is not suitable for water softeners. Use with backwashing systems only.

  • Product Dimensions: 2.9 x 10.4 x 4.9 inches
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Stainless steel
  • ABS green plastic cartridge
  • Siphon Backwashing Function

Best Suited For: Removal of iron, rust particles 

Product Overview

A great alternative to a digital control valve is a smaller prefilter. Prefilters can be used to reduce rust particles in your water. If you need to remove iron from your water, the Raoluns Backwashing High Flow Water Filter is made of durable stainless steel and built for high flow rates.

The TD18 uses an ABS green plastic cartridge to block rust and large dust particles from entering your water. You can use it in a large household, office, villa, or camping resort.

Buying Guide: Backwashing Filter Systems

product image of WECO Backwashing Filter with A600E Anion-Exchange Resin for Alkalinity and Nitrate Reduction (A600E-0948)

Water Softener Vs Backwashing Filter System

As a homeowner struggling to find the right water treatment, you may be slightly confused about the difference between a whole house water softener and a backwashing filter system. There is a quite a significant difference in price between the two, and they both are designed to treat water, but in different ways.

A water softener is best used when you’re dealing with hard water issues. Water softeners can remove high levels of calcium and magnesium, as well as chlorides and ferrous elements. But over time, the resin tank accumulates residue from all these chemicals that can re-enter your water.

How A Backwashing Filter System Works

The resin beads in your water softener unit can be recharged with ordinary table salt but this doesn’t entirely remove trace remains left behind in the resin tank. Backwashing filter systems solve this problem, greatly extending the life of your water filter system and reducing your maintenance time to practically zero.

  1. Made of highly charged carbons that adsorb unwanted chemicals, a media filter is fitted inside the resin tank.
  3. During regeneration, the flow of water is reversed, and the media filter inside the tank is flushed with the backwater.
  5. A digital controller with a bypass valve is attached to the resin tank. The controller can also be purchased separately as a replacement if necessary.
  7. The controller can be programmed to activate the backwash cycle according to your schedule. When it activates, the bypass valves adjust to keep water flowing in your home even while the filter and resin tank is being cleaned.
  9. By reversing the flow of water, the media filter is cleaned, thereby removing the unwanted residue.

Backwashing filter systems are designed to remove specific elements. The media filter is made of special material which works best when used to remove specific elements. Fortunately, there are a wide range of backwashing systems to handle most water treatment issues.

Water Softeners

  • Uses salt-charged ion resin beads to absorb calcium and magnesium in hard water
  • Water must be turned off when being serviced
  • Resin tank requires routine regeneration manually
  • Generally much less costly than a backwashing filter system

Backwashing Filter Systems

  • Uses a thick media filter charged with carbon to clean resin tank of unwanted residue
  • Removes specific elements such as iron, chlorine, chloramines, alkalines, nitrates or other harmful particles 
  • Programmable digital controller for timed regeneration
  • Bypass valve allows for water use while the filter is being serviced
  • Resin tank does not need to be serviced as often
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Lasts longer than a water softener
image of Abundant Flow Water Backwashing Carbon Filter System and WECO Backwashing Filter with A600E Anion-Exchange Resin for Alkalinity and Nitrate Reduction (A600E-0948) side by side

Types of Backwashing Filters

The first step to choosing the right backwashing filter is knowing what type you actually need. Depending on the contaminants in your water, you’ll want a backwashing filter designed specifically for removing the most harmful pollutants in your drinking water

Granular Activated Carbon Backwashing Filters

A special kind of charcoal with high adsorptive properties with increased surfaced area. A filter that uses granulated activated carbon improves water taste and odor, and is best for removing the following contaminants:

  • Chlorine
  • Organics
  • Pesticides
  • Detergents 
  • Sediment

Catalytic Carbon Backwashing Filters

Uses a special type of activated carbon ion carbon to remove the following:

  • Chloramines
  • Hydrogen sulfides 
  • Organic compounds 
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs)

Catalytic Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Filter

Similar to granulated activated carbon, it’s made from coconut shells and is extremely effective for removing the following water contaminants:

  • Chlorine
  • Chloramine
  • Iron
  • Sulfur
  • Manganese 

Catalytic GAC filters can also be used as an oxidizer.