Reviews of the Best Counter Top Water Distillers of 2020

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Reviews of the Best Counter Top Water Distillers of 2020

In case you’re not 100% sure what distilled water is, we can make it easy to understand!

All water contains millions of tiny particles in it, and the water that comes into your home also contains minerals other foreign particles. Some are good, and some aren’t so good.

You can filter water all you want, but nothing removes foreign particles like distilled water. Distilled water has been evaporated and then condensed, providing you with as ‘pure’ of water as you can get without going to a chemistry lab!

We’ve done hours of research and read through hundreds of online reviews to help us compile our list of the top countertop water distillers on the market. Most of these products have hundreds of online reviews on Amazon alone, and we always try to take into account multiple sources when determining our recommendations. There are lots of fantastic products on the market, and we highly encourage you to take your time when making a buying decision.

Here we breakdown our choices for the best countertop water distillers on the market!

Counter Top Water Distillers Comparison Table

  • Gallon Per Hour : 1 gallon / 5.5 hours
  • Weight (Pounds) : 11
  • Reliability : 4.7 / 5
  • Gallon Per Hour : .8 gallons / 3.5 hours
  • Weight (Pounds) : 31.4
  • Reliability : 4.8 / 5
  • Gallon Per Hour : 12 gallons / 24 hours
  • Weight (Pounds) : 46
  • Reliability : 4.9 / 5
  • Gallon Per Hour : 1/4 gallon / 1 hr
  • Weight (Pounds) : 9.75
  • Reliability : 4.7 / 5
  • Gallon Per Hour : 4 gallons / 24 hrs
  • Weight (Pounds) : 13.35
  • Reliability : 4.6 / 5
a picture comparing ice made with regular water and ice made with distilled water

See the difference between ice made from tap water (left) and distilled water (right)

This is one of the top steam distillers on the market, and it’s no wonder. With over two decades of experience specializing in only water distillers, Megahome has consistently stayed ahead of the curve in this competitive industry. Every one of their distillers is UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved, and each and every single unit is carefully and individually tested for both safety and efficacy.

In less than six hours, you can have a gallon of pure, steam-distilled water, simply by filling the boiling chamber and pressing a button. The Megahome Countertop water distiller is technologically advanced, durable, and aesthetically appealing. This is one in-home water distiller that has it all!

Overhead view of the Megahome counter top water distiller

Its 304 high-grade, stainless-steel components include the boiling chamber, the condensing coils, and the upper cover. Combined with its crystal-clear glass collection bottle, which includes a convenient removable lid, you’ll be getting a beautiful device that fits in perfectly with any kitchen décor.

The Megahome distiller is as easy to use as it is lovely too. All you have to do is add water, press the start button, and wait. You don’t even need to shut it off, as it automatically turns off when it’s completed distillation.

Your order will include everything you need to get started distilling your own water at home, including the top condensing unit, the distiller body, a glass collection bottle, and nozzle insert, and power cord (110/120 volt, compatible with US and Canadian electrical sockets). You’ll also receive the necessary activated charcoal sachets (one package of six filters), and a cleanser for the boiler chamber to remove residue (8 oz). Your included filters should last for about six months.

How it Works

Once you add water to the Megahome distiller and press start, the distiller will quickly bring your water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (the boiling point of water). This temperature will handily destroy any existing bacteria or parasites. Steam rises from the water, leaving behind any additional impurities, and then enters the stainless-steel cooling coils.

Once in the cooling coils, the steam condenses again, forming purified water. It’s then filtered again through the included activated charcoal. Once all the added water has gone through this process, the distiller shuts off on its own.

Why is the Megahome Water Distiller Our Top Choice?

The Megahome Water Distiller is our top choice among the water distillers we reviewed for several reasons. We appreciate its simplicity and durability, as well as its intuitive design. We also appreciate the fact that Megahome is an extremely reputable name in the industry, so you know for sure that not only will this distiller be of high quality and user-friendly, it’ll also be extremely safe.

Distilling your own water is likewise great for the environment— and your wallet too! You won’t be using so many single-use plastic bottles, and the cost per gallon is only $0.25 to $0.30. All this without even considering the health and wellness benefits that come with having your own water distillation system at home.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Online reviews praise this unit for how easy it is to use, and how much mileage you get out of the included filters, as well as the excellent taste and health benefits you gain from distilling your own water. Plenty of users also tested the resulting distilled water with their own parts per million (PPM) meters to confirm its purity with excellent results.

As far as cons go, many users recommend unplugging the unit to turn it off when it’s empty to avoid having the residue left in the chamber “bake in,” and note that the unit can be a bit noisy when it’s running. Both these cons are easy to work around, and we can still highly recommend this fantastic unit for home and office use!

If you’re shopping for one of the best water distillers for your family, and a compact, countertop unit is a must, we’d be remiss not to include the Pure Water Mini Classic CT. It comes with a super-handy one-gallon glass container with a pour-through lid, and you can buy additional containers if you’d like to keep one in the unit and one or more in your fridge. Pure Water utilizes the highest quality stainless steel in its construction, so you’ll have years of service from this little powerhouse to look forward to.

It’s air-cooled and shuts off automatically using a timer at the end of its distillation cycles. Throughout the cycle it also self-sterilizes, and you can remove the boiling tank for effortless cleaning and refilling. It also has a fantastic safety feature—it turns itself off if the temperature on the unit becomes too high. Do bear in mind that while it’s designed for countertop use, you shouldn’t tuck it into too small of a nook, since the top needs to be clear of obstructions to allow for venting and air flow.

Inside view of the pure water mini classic counter top water distiller

The Pure Water Distiller comes with a filter (activated carbon) to improve the taste of the final product and to facilitate the removal of any leftover gaseous contaminants. At no point during the distillation process does your water ever come into contact with plastic. This includes the filter tray, which is also made of high-quality stainless steel. You can expect it to produce about three liters of distilled water every half hour making it an excellent choice for a small family, couple, or single user. It doesn’t require any installation or water line connection, and its small size makes it ideal for apartment use or even use in a camper or RV.

How it Works

Like other steam distillers, the Pure Water Mini CT duplicates the “hydrologic cycle” on a smaller (and much faster) scale. The hydrologic cycle is the process by which water evaporates in nature, allowing it to form clouds in the atmosphere, where it then condenses, forming rain.

In this case, you’ll add water to the boiling tank. Beneath the tank is a heating element, which heats the water to its boiling point, causing steam to rise to the condensing coils. Any impurities in the water are left behind in the tank, as a fan built into the unit cools the steam, which converts it back into purified, distilled water that pours into the glass storage container.

Why the Pure Water Mini CT is Our Runner-up for the Best Countertop Water Distiller

The Pure Water Mini CT comes in as runner-up for the best water distillers thanks to its reliability, the speed with which it works, and its convenient glass containers along with the fact that it’s so compact and portable.

It is a tad bit heavy, at 24 lbs. but relative to other water distillers it’s practically a lightweight! The only way to make it lighter would be to utilize plastic rather than stainless steel and glass in the design, and there are obvious reasons to avoid that.

What Do the Reviews Say?

The reviews for this little unit are overwhelmingly positive with most reviewers considering it an excellent investment. The convenience of the holding vessel for the water post-distillation is a big selling point for many buyers, enough so that purchasing one or two extra rather than storing their water in other containers was common.

Another huge selling point is its durability. Pure Water has been making a similar model for about a decade, and many of those first machines are still chugging away. As far as negative reviews go, simply make sure that you purchase it through a reputable seller. The few negative reviews out there seem to be focused on poor customer service.

A true workhorse amongst home water distillers! If you’re looking for a way to have copious amounts of distilled water, especially in a second home, a vacation cabin, a rental home, or an apartment, this is an exceptional choice. As you might expect, a distiller that is capable of handling this large of a quantity of water per day can be hooked up directly to a water line for automatic filling, which is extremely convenient when you depend on it for potable water.

How much water, you ask? 12 gallons every 24 hours. The water can be distilled into any container of your choice, or you can purchase an additional reserve tank from Durastill. This unit, which is made in the USA, never leaves you wanting when you need clean, purified, potable water in large, reliable quantities.

Durably constructed of 316 alloy stainless steel, its evaporator is built to last, as is its stainless-steel heating element (1,500 watts). There’s an efficient vent system for volatile gasses, and it’s compatible with 115-volt outlets. You’ll receive everything you need to install it normally, including the fittings and installation kit, as well as the post-filter. It’s 13 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 13 inches deep, which is surprisingly compact for a unit that can produce so much distilled water in a relatively short period of time.

Now, if you prefer a unit that manually fills, do know that Durastill makes similar distillers that are manual fill as well, which could be more convenient depending on your particular desired usage. Also, while the unit does not come with an automatic boiling tank drain, you can get a custom accessory from Durastill that will do the job for you.

How it Works

Durastill uses a very reliable, well-engineered heating element to heat the water in its tank to the boiling point, and fan-cooled condensing coils to convert the resulting steam into purified water. The reserve tank, sold separately, stores up to 4 gallons, and is also constructed of safe and reliable stainless steel.

You won’t have to babysit this unit, as it automatically turns off when the boiling tank reaches a near-empty point. This is a nice feature, as it avoids having the heating element exposed to air during the distillation process, which can cause unnecessary wear and tear.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Reviews for this unit are very positive, with its reliability, automatic fill, and volume produced per 24 hours being its most positive features. It’s also quite convenient that you can have the water empty into any container of your choice, which means you can produce and store water according to your needs. We do, of course, strongly recommend using a stainless steel or glass container for this purpose, simply for safety purposes.

When it comes to negatives, there simply aren’t very many. We do have to point out that a unit designed to produce 12 gallons per 24 hours may be a bit overkill for certain circumstances. If you’re just looking for distilled water for a small household and don’t need your water distilled for everything, you may wish to choose a smaller unit. It’s also not a particularly attractive piece, being constructed more for bulk production than aesthetics.

However, if you do need a large quantity of water produced on a regular basis, prefer a unit that fills automatically, and intend to store it in a basement or utility area, it’s one of the best units on the market for these purposes.