The Best Water Distillers

For some reason, distilled water sounds like a dirty word, when in reality nothing can be further from the truth. Distilled water is cleaner than water filtered by a countertop water filter or even a reverse osmosis water filter. In fact, distilled water is the absolute purest water you will find, free of any contaminants (and essential minerals).

If you’re looking to make distilled water at home, we have put together the most comprehensive buying guide on the best water distillers available online.

What to Look for In a Water Distiller

There are dozens of different water distillers available, but they are not all created equal.


In general, you don’t want to purchase a water distiller that has either tanks or chambers that are made from plastic, even if it is BPA free. The reason for this is because plastic surfaces do not clean as well as stainless steel or glass, for example. It is always worth paying a little bit more for a distiller that is made from sterile materials, otherwise you are defeating the purpose of consuming distilled water in the first place.

Flow Rate

Distillers convert liquid water into steam, that condenses back into water again. This process can be slow at best; and some units are faster than others. While you’ll have to be patient across the board, if having the distilled water available to you as quickly as possible is important to you, make sure you watch the flow rate of the distiller you choose.


Since water distillers have water and electrical components working in close proximity, poorly built models can break down in a short period of time. Make sure to purchase a unit that comes with a long warranty, which suggests the manufacturer is quite comfortable that the unit will last. They don’t issue warranties to lose money!

Our Reviews of The Best Water Distillers in 2017

ImageNameOur RatingFlow RateView Price
The Best of the Best Water DistillerPure Water Mini-Classic
CT Counter Top Distiller

(Best of the Best)
4.81 gal / 4 hrsView Price
The Gold Standard Water DistillerMegahome Countertop
Water Distiller

(The Gold Standard)
4.71 gal / 5.5 hrsView Price
Best Water Distiller on a BudgetCO-Z Stainless Steel Pure
Home Water Distiller Set

(Best on a Budget)
4.51 gal / 6 hrsView Price

1. Best of The Best: Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Distiller

The Best of the Best Water Distiller

View on Amazon

If you are looking for the absolute best of the best in water distillers, then there is no other choice than the Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Distiller. Made entirely of stainless steel and glass, this distiller hands down yields the most pure water possible at one of the fastest flow rates for home water distillers.

This water distiller comes with the leading manufacturers warranty of 15 years, which is unmatched in the industry.  Bonus points for being made in America

Material Used: Stainless Steel, Glass

Flow Rate: 1 gallon /  4 hours

Price: $$$$$

2. The Gold Standard: Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

The Gold Standard Water Distiller

View on Amazon

If you are not willing to hand over $600 for “the best of the best” water distillers, you can still get an extremely high quality water distiller for nearly a third of the price. Considered the gold standard in Water Distillers, the MegaHome Counter Water Water Distiller: Stainless, Glass Collection is a reliable and clean unit that is perfectly able to produce pure water for your needs.

All the parts on this unit are made of either glass or stainless steel, as the name implies.

Material Used: Stainless Steel, Glass

Flow Rate: 1 gallon /  5.5 hours

Price: $$$

3. Best on a Budget: CO-Z 4L Stainless Steel Pure Home Water Distiller

Best Water Distiller on a BudgetIf your needs for distilled water aren’t that serious — for using in a steam iron or vaporizor, for example — then having a unit with some plastic components might not be the biggest deal. While we don’t recommend this distiller for drinking water, if basic needs are required on a regular basis, then this might be the right unit for you.

The distiller itself is made of stainless steel which is great, but the container for the distilled water is BPA free plastic. For this reason, we don’t prefer it for drinking water. It will also be somewhat slow compared to the other distillers on our list, but for this price you can’t really go wrong on that front.

Material Used: Stainless Steel, BPA Free Plastic

Flow Rate: 1 gallon /  6 hours

Price: $

Common Uses for a Water Distiller at Home

Steam Irons

The last thing you would want to do is iron a salt stain into your best, most expensive clothing on that special occasion. For that reason, distilled water is recommended for use in a steam iron to ensure no sediments leak onto your garments, or build up in your iron.

Home Science Labs & Experiments

If you require a high degree of purity for running experiments in a lab, then distilled water is a safe bet, although it is less popular than de-ionized water, which is cheaper.

Lead Acid Batteries

Because the minerals and ions typically found in tap water can be corrosive, it is recommended that distilled water is used instead to prolong the life of a lead acid battery.


Many people choose to use distilled water because it won’t have the chemicals that may be harmful to some species of fish that are sensitive to chlorine, for example.

Cigar Humidors

Cigar humidors are much more effective when using distilled water; this is because the boiling point is much more predictable for such a fine amount of humidity.

Brewing Alcohol

Since water tastes different depending on the source, many brewers will start with distilled water to ensure consistent taste, and add minerals afterwards


Finally, there is general purification. If your water is simply not safe to drink, distilling water is a 100% safe way to turn any water source into fresh, healthy water.

Best Water Distiller Brands

Pure Water (Pure & Secure, LLC): Established over 40 years ago, Pure Water is a Nebraska based manufacturer of premium water filters for home and business. It is a family owned business that strives to make the highest quality water distillers in the world.

CO-Z: CO-Z is an up and coming water distiller manufacturer that makes some of the most affordable water distillers on the market. With hundreds of positive reviews on the net and a leading warranty, they are making  a serious name for themselves in the water distiller market.

MegaHome: MegaHome is a very large Taiwanese manufacturer of water treatment products. They have made quite a name for themselves with their extremely high quality and well priced water distillers, with thousands of positive reviews on various online marketplaces.

Bottom Line

If you know you need distilled water on a regular basis, it makes a lot of financial sense to use a water distiller at home. Whether you are a scientific enthusiast looking to run experiments at home or the fish lover who is passionate about having  a safe space in the aquarium, buying a home water distiller will pay for itself, and then some, after just a few short years.