Reviews of the Best Reusable Water Bottles of 2020

Reviews of the Best Reusable Water Bottles of 2020

The searching for a reusable water bottle gets pretty overwhelming. There are actually thousands of reusable water bottles to choose from. Deciding what features are important can be difficult, but it is vital to know what matters and what doesn’t in order to choose the right one. Sometimes it is tempting to just grab something and be done with it, but it doesn’t take long to be frustrated with the wrong reusable water bottle.

We have checked out 10 of the best reusable water bottles available to really examine what the key differences are, and why they matter. Hopefully this gives you a place to start as you choose that one which is best for you.

Contigo Kids Autospout GizmoPlastic14 ounces

(0.4 litres)

NoSmall Reusable Water Bottle
KanrelGlass32 ouncesNoFor Juices And Teas
Go Glass AspenGlass20 ouncesNeoprene CoverCarry Along
Camel Bak eddyPlastic0.4 LitresNoFor Children
EmbravaCo- Polyester Plastic32 ounces

Triple Tree18/8 Stainless Steel17ounces

26 ounces


NoNon Insulated Stainless Steel
Loli Buy PodiumPlastic24 ouncesNoSqueezable Sides
Diaz Water BladderTPU Plastic3 litresSomeLarge Capacity
Sharewin18/8 Stainless Steel12 ouncesYesInsulated Reusable Water Bottle
Harmony N MoreGlass500 ml (16.9 ounces)NoFor Infusions

The Top 9 Reusable Water Bottles Reviews

Contigo Kids Autospout Gizmo

This 14 ounce reusable Water Bottles is a BPA free plastic bottle. The auto spout has a spill poof valve that eliminates leaks and spills even is the spout is open. This is the ideal spill proof reusable water bottle for anyone looking for a smaller bottle, or for children to use.

We have included it here as an alternative for smaller water bottles. At less than half a litre (about 1 and 3/4 cups) there are many uses for a small container. From coffee creamer going to the office to salad dressing going to a potluck, a smaller leak proof reusable bottle may be just the right thing for many occasions.

The lid is made of transparent plastic so you can see inside. Children love to look into the bottle, and adults like to see how much liquid is left. Parents will love the cover of the spout because it keeps the drinking area protected and therefore clean when is it not being used. The straw is uniquely tethered to the lid’s underside so it can detach easily to be cleaned on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Other great features of this bottle include:

  • The carry loop which makes it easy to carry for on the go activity.
  • The angled straw that makes it so you can get every drop of liquid from the reusable water bottle, without removing the lid.
  • The protective spout covers the lid to keep out dirt and germs.
  • The straw is tethered to the lid’s underside so there are no separate pieces to misplace or take apart.
  • The auto spout lid uniquely features a spill proof valve that makes it so there is no worry about spilling, even when the valve is open.
  • There are a wide variety of colors available that include Persian Green, Chartreuse Navy Blue, Nautical Blue, Cherry Blossom, and Lavender.
  • They are sold individually, or in two packs in assorted colors.
  • Each bottle measures 7.2 inches X 6 inches X 4 inches.
  • These are not insulated water bottles so they will sweat if filled with ice, or very cold drinks.
  • They are easy to use even for very young children.
  • They are attractive enough for anyone who is looking for this size of reusable water bottle, as they hold 14 ounces.
  • The lid comes apart easily for deep cleaning.

In summary, this is an excellent choice for a smaller water bottle. If you are able to refill often, or only need to carry smaller amounts, and require something light and easy to carry, this is an excellent choice.

This Kanrel Glass Water Bottle is a versatile drinking bottle for taking with you, or for having at home in the fridge. It is ideal for easy access to pure water or juice, or for holding milk, tea,  Kombucha, or for adding essential oils. As a glass water bottle it will not retain the flavors and it is free from toxic chemicals. It is not insulated.

Why consider glass? Glass is a healthy alternative and the taste of liquids from a glass container can not be beat. The glass leaves your juice, or water, or any beverage tasting exactly how nature intended it to taste. No aftertastes. This Kanrel glass reusable water bottle is free of BPS, PVC and BPA, so you can be assured that as you take every sip, you are are only tasting your drink.

Doesn’t it break? Not very easily, no. These Kanrel glass reusable water bottles are individually hand crafted by artisans who use a traditional mouth blowing technique. The utmost in care, craftsmanship and attention goes into every bottle. The lids are also reusable so there will never be a need to replace them. The lids are leak proof so packing it away is fine, with no worries of a wet backpacks.

How is it best to clean it? These Kanrel glass reusable water bottles are completely dishwasher safe. Just remove the cap, put the bottle on the top dishwasher rack and get a squeaky clean glass water bottle every time. Not interested in using the dishwasher? The sink works just fine.

Why buy the Kanrel brand? The Kanrel brand gives you peace of mind. They stand behind every one of their glass reusable water bottles with their ultimate complete satisfaction guarantee. They come with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee and the One Year Warranty covers any problems. They will ship you a replacement bottle at absolutely no cost to you. Simple. Once you have experiences the Kanrel difference, you will want to be sure that friends and family can drink their pure water, milk or juice completely free of harmful chemicals.

This Kanrel Glass Water Bottle is FDA Approved and BPA Free with No BPS, or BPF or any PVC. Unlike a reusable plastic bottle, a Kanrel 32 oz Glass Reusable Bottle never means you have to worry about any harmful toxins as you drink.

  • This Kanrel Glass Water Bottle is available in a 32 ounce standard size, which is 0.95 litres.
  • This Kanrel Glass Water Bottle is available in a 20 ounce small size, which is 0.59 litres.

Help Save The Planet – Stop using disposable plastic and start contributing to a greener world. 100% of the Kanrel glass reusable water bottle product itself and all of the packaging can be recycled.

Kanrel donates 1% of all its sales to support environmental causes.

In summary, this glass reusable water bottle is ideal for both carry along and using at home. It is specifically wonderful for fresh juices, teas and other beverages that could be negatively impacted by a bad flavor from the container.