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Co-Z Stainless Steel Pure Home Water Distiller Set

What makes water distillers the best option when it comes to producing clean fresh water that tastes great? Simple…they are effective. Think about it- how many bottle water do you have to consume every day satisfy your thirst and how do you know if the water you are drinking is well purified? Apart from installing a whole water filter system in your home, buying bottle water regularly is not a good option…here’s why- first, it’s not cost effective and secondly it contributes to pollution. Think about the millions of plastic bottles that occupy our landfills every year…now, you don’t want to be part of that. And except you can afford the luxury of a whole water filter unit for your home (which isn’t really necessary), you may want to consider using a water distiller to meet your need for purified water. The CO-Z Stainless Steel Pure Home Water Distiller Set is one product that is worth the take.

Built with efficiency and reliability in mind, the CO-Z water distiller may be seen as the ideal water distiller for homeowners on a tight budget. Believe it or not, this unit produces quality distilled water at a rate that’s about half the price. Not only does it remove up to 99% contaminants in water, it is also easy to use and maintain. Given the number of positive ratings the product has received up till now, there’s no reason to doubt its usefulness. As you would expect, the product is mentioned in our list of top water distillers in the market, which makes it a good deal; one you can expect to give you great value in return for your “little” investment.

Main Features

It’s quite difficult to believe that a cheap product like the CO-Z water distiller can deliver the same quality of water produced by most top home water distillers. This is why it’s important to review the features of the product.

Enhanced Heating Element

With a heating element of 60Hz 700W, production of pure water by this unit is guaranteed. Distillation speed can be over a quarter gallon per hour, effectively removing unwanted toxins, bacteria, dissolved solids, VOCs and almost any other contaminants to provide you with the safest and purest water distills up to 6 gallons per day. Now that’s a teaser compared to what you can get with many distillers in the same class.

Easy Usage and Maintenance

With the CO-Z water distiller, you only need to push one button to distil your tap water.  After you press the START button to initiate the process, makes sure you keep an eye on the water level; you don’t want it to get low while you are away.  The stainless steel body and plastic collector hardly needs any maintenance while both distiller and carafe have large openings for easy access and cleaning. All this unit requires is proper usage and every other thing should go fine.

BPA-free Filter

The CO-Z Water Distiller comes with a membrane and filter housing made of BPA-free materials which further guarantees its standard and superior quality. All its components are fabricated in the US and duly certified.


  • One year warranty and free exchange for defective pitchers
  • Removes VOCS, dissolved solids, germs and other contaminants
  • Produces pure water
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable and long lasting
  • Great price


  • Distiller is small which limits the amount of water you can get at a time
  • It has a plastic collector which may introduce odour and spoil the taste of water
  • No collection chamber

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of plastic is the carafe made of?
A: The water container is listed as food-grade and BPA-free.
Q: Are any joints soldered with lead-free solder?
A: Yes, the joints are soldered with 100% lead-free soldered.
Q: Can this distil drinkable water from salt water?
A: Yes, this machine can distil water from salt water.
Q: Can you use this to make essential oils?
A: As far as we know this unit is just designed to distil water. Essential oils require a different distillation process.
Q: Does it shut off on its own once it is finished? What happens if the water gets too low?
A: Yes, it will shut off once the water level is too low.
Q: Can this be used to distil alcohol from water?
A: Yes it can. Just be sure you’re in a well-ventilated area.
Q: Does it need to be hooked to water supply?
A: Not at all. Just add water to the fill line inside the stainless container.
Q: Does it require any additional filter?
A: Not really.


If what you need is a water filter system that can meet all your needs without giving you much headache from spills and noise, then the CO-Z water distiller will make a good choice. The only major downside with this product is that it uses a plastic container which may pose a challenge for people that are plastic sensitive. But on the bright side, the plastic is BPA free which makes it safe to use. Overall, this unit passes adequately as a good distiller and for its price, it’s a perfect deal. So go for it if you can; you will never regret it.

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