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Water Fall by KOR

Water Fall by KOR Review

No doubt, we need water; but more importantly we don’t want water that is loaded with contaminants. Unfortunately, most times the water being supplied to our homes contains toxins which do not only pose serious risk to our health but also ruins our experience. This is why proper purification is necessary to make the water “drinkable”. And one of the best ways you can achieve this is through the use of a water filter like the by the KOR Water Fall Home Water Filter.

But sometimes, beyond the filtration, we just want to a water filter that can impress our friends and visitors. If design and beauty matters most to you, then the Water Fall by KOR will make a great deal for you.

Inspired by the artisanal pour-over coffee method, the KOR Water Fall allows you to overcome the limitation of using filter pitchers. Using Water Fall, you can filter water into as many carafes as you want, giving you unlimited options to essentially “design your own water”.  You can easily create different water options, such as still or infused water and either cold or room temperature – it all depends on you.

The KOR Water Fall is one of the top-notch filter units currently available that has been tried and confirmed to produce amazing results. You will also be happy to know that the unit employs an all-natural coconut filter to produce pure and great tasting water that meets your daily hydration needs. And this is exactly why we decided to include it as one of our best water filter choice in 2018 for savvy homeowners.

Special Features

Highly efficient coconut filters

The KOR Water Fall uses coconut shell to filter and purify your tap water. The process is natural, simple, and sustainable – and produces refreshing clean water that has an amazing taste. Filter lasts up to 80 gallons (about 4 months), twice as long as most filtered pitchers which means you can forget about replacing them anytime soon.

The filter unit can efficiently remove chlorine, chloramines, bad taste and odours commonly found in tap water. It’s also good at removing of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It performs far better than boiling as a means of water purification until there’s a change in pressure.

Elegant Design

Very few water filters serve more than the purpose they are intended-water purification. You only need them when you want to drink water; after that, they have nothing doing around. However, this is not the case with the KOR Water Fall. Everything about the design of this product speaks loud. With its elegant look, you will likely want to keep around for everyone to see, especially visitors. Every component in the set from the Water Fall stand to the beautiful glass carafes with lids is nothing but exquisite and makes a design statement in your kitchen and fits nearly under most counter cabinets  just like other counter-top devices, such as a coffee machine or soda-making-device.

Hydration Innovation

The KOR Water Fall is a hydration platform that helps you drink more water. Add more glass carafes and replacement filters based on your need. Everything about this is focused towards helping you realize healthy hydration in a sustainable way. You can create multiple carafes of water the way you like it. Add fruit and herbs to create delicious infused water. Chill water in advance of your next dinner party. What more can you ask for in a water filter?

Beautiful Glass Carafes with Lid
In the home, glass is such a perfect and natural option for storing and serving your water.  The ergonomic shape of the Water Fall carafe makes it easy to pick up, carry and pour water. Each carafe also comes with a beautiful lid that completes its’ iconic profile.  You’ll love serving your dinner guests pure water from Water Fall’s carafes.


  • Reliable and long lasting
  • Fast turn out rate
  • It has changeable filter and two glass carafe options.
  • Great combination that allows you design your own water
  • Uses natural coconut purification process
  • Produces more drinking water that tastes great
  • Very easy to use
  • Removes chlorine and other contaminants in tap water
  • Most beautifully designed pitcher on the market
  • Filter water quickly
  • Removes all odour from water


  • Plastic interior which may not be convenient for people with sensitivity to plastic
  • Doesn’t remove as many contaminants other premium filters
  • Expensive relative to filtration performance

Frequently asked questions

Q: What all does this unit filter out?
A: Water Fall’s filter has been custom developed by KOR to remove chlorine, chloramine (chlorine+ammonia) and objectionable tastes and odours found in tap water.
Q: Do I need to keep the filter wet/primed?
A: If you are not using the Water Fall on a daily basis you should not store the filter with water. Allowing it to dry out is fine but you will want to soak the filter again before your next use to allow the best flow for filtering
Q: Does this filter fluoride?
A: Yes, it does
Q: Will my water be in contact with plastic at any point during the water filtering process?
A: Yes, the water reservoir and filter housing are plastic and the tap water will filter directly through these.
Q: Can this filter take metals out of water?
A: Not really.
Q: Are the plastic parts BPA free?
A: Yes, they are.
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