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Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification System, 4-Gallon
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Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration Review

Just as you need a well-balanced diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you also need fresh clean water to go along with it. The quality of the water you consume everyday goes a long way to determine your quality of life.

Unfortunately, some water sources contain a lot of contaminants which make them unsafe for drinking. This makes it necessary to provide an extra means of purification for your city water supply. And one of the best ways you can achieve this is through the use of a high quality water filter.

The Zen Countertop Water Filtration System is your best take if what your desire is an affordable filter system that can produce fresh clean alkaline water. Equipped with a 5 stage water filter that ensures removal of contaminants and chemicals, this unit comes as a standalone filter that doesn’t require electricity to function. The filter chamber is transparent, so whenever you get curious, you can look inside to see what’s going on. Currently, there are 3 sizes available: 4, 6 and 8 Gallon. So feel free to go for any one you think will suit your family size.

Each filter that comes with the Zen Water System has a filtration capacity of 500 gallons, after which it will need replacement.

In spite of its low price, this system is one of the top performing countertop water filters in the market. We couldn’t look away from all its perks, so we decided to include it on our list of the top countertop gravity water filters currently available.

No doubt, this is one product that can give you the best value for your money!

Special Features

The Zen Water System comes with a lot of “goodies” that makes it stand out from competing brands. Besides its low price (which is obviously a good take), this unit comes with a lot of great features. Some of them are briefly discussed below:

Advanced Filtration technology

With Zen, there are no fake promises. You get what you see! The filter used in this system is guaranteed to transform your contaminants-laden city water supply into mineral enriched drinking water that tastes great.

This is because the system works on a multi-stage filtration process which ensures the removal of harmful chemicals, sediments and other contaminants. It also achieves all 5 functions of purification, mineralization, filtration, alkalinization, and preservation.

Natural Filtration

The Zen Water System provides excellent purification of water supplies in urban areas. This product is mainly developed to remove chlorine, VOCs rust and sediments, which are major impurities in city and municipal supplies through the use of natural water-filtration materials.

This makes the system an ideal solution for producing clean mineralized water in your home all through the year.

Easy Installation

Installing many whole house water filter systems usually present a challenge for many homeowners. However, this is not the case with the Zen Water System. Even if you don’t have any DIY skill set, your first time with this system will make you feel like a pro because it’s going to be easy like ABC.

There are no electric lines to fix up or any of those difficult things required to be done to get some conventional filters running. No need to call in the plumber.

A detailed manual with step-by-step instruction is provided to make the installation a breeze. If you are patient and careful enough to follow through, you should be done with the whole set-up within few minutes.

Cost Effective

When using the Zen Water System, you won’t need to purchase extra water. All you need to do is to fill the tank with tap water and let the filtration and mineralization process begin. This unit doesn’t require electricity to run.

You don’t have to spend money in buying heavy plastic bottles. This saves you money on water and energy bills, as well as the stress of carrying heavy bottles here and there. When you think about it, there’s no better way to enjoy fresh clean water with less hassle.


  • Produces crisp clean water
  • Leave your faucet free
  • Great filtration system
  • Mineralized water is good for your health
  • Gravity filters provide simple use and leave your faucet free.
  • Available in 4, 6, and 8 gallon sizes.
  • BPA free materials


  • Plastic construction
  • No certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this gallon filter comes with its filter and the ceramic dome or does one have to buy those separated?
A: The system usually comes with everything you need to start.
Q: Is the unit made of glass or plastic?
A: It’s made of plastic which is BPA free.
Q: Does this cool the water or does it come out room temperature?
A: Comes out at room temperature
Q: Does this remove iron?
A: This unit removes any and all particulars larger than 0.2-0.9 microns which normally includes iron
Q: Can I buy replacement for the upper tank?
A: Yes, you can. All parts are replaceable
Q: Does this unit filter out chlorine?
A: Yes it does
Q: How tall is this unit without the base?
A: Usually about 2 1/2 feet total with all parts included
Q: Am I supposed to continually add water to the top to keep bottom tank full?
A: Yes, sorry.
Q: Is this BPA free?
A: Yes. It’s made of styrene acrylonitrile.
Q: Does it filter fluoride?
A: No. Only a reverse osmosis system will do that.
Q: Is there a replacement faucet available for this unit?
A: You could contact the manufacturer
Q: What is the pH of the water after it goes through this?
A: Zen filtration system increases the pH level by roughly 1.
Q: Does this remove rust taste?
A: Yes, it removes all negative tastes.
Q: Does this system ionize the water or do I need a separate ionizer?
A: The system ionizes the water, and it taste great!
Q: Which filter should come with it?
A: It comes with the 5 stage filter as well as the ceramic dome filter.
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