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Aquasana Whole House Water Filter Review




When you’re looking for a whole house filter to treat the water in your home, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by all your options. After all, there are so many different models to choose from – some use reverse osmosis, while others use salt-based softening.

It is vital to remember that there is no right or wrong answer to what makes the best whole house water filter. All that matter is that you get what’s right for you and your home, and you can check out our list of whole house water filter reviews to learn more!

That said, if you’re looking for a filter to purify your water and remove chlorine from it, the Aquasana Whole House Water Filter is right for you.

If you are looking for a thorough break down of the best whole house water filters on the market, read our guide with water softener reviews to help you make an educated decision.

Reap the benefits of the Aquasana Rhino when you bring this quality into your home. We will break down all these benefits by category, so that you have all the information necessary to decide if this is the right whole house water filter for your home.

The Benefits of the Whole House Water Filter Point-Of-Entry System

We are incredibly privileged to have such a wide ray of water technology products at our fingertips, like the Aquasana. This whole house water filter is a point-of-entry system capable of flexible performance throughout your home.

Purification at every water output point: Point-of-use systems are installed at a single water output point, generally under the sink or at the faucet. The Aquasana Rhino is instead situated where the water enters your home, which means that it is purified at every single output point.

Benefits extending throughout the home: With up to 97% of the chlorine removed from tap water, the first clear advantage is crisper and cleaner drinking water. This purification system also helps to strip out other contaminants helping you to reduce cooking times and realize better results in the kitchen. Your skin and hair will feel better, and you will notice improved air quality in the home, thanks to the added effect of fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

While this product is technically a whole house water filter, it’s important to know it’s also an whole house water softener. If you’re looking to improve the taste and quality of your drinking water, then be sure to check out our list of whole house water filter reviews to learn about some of our favorite products!

What, precisely, does the Aquasana filter remove, then?

Filter Out Contaminants with This Aquasana Filter & Water Softener

The first step to addressing contaminants in your water is to determine if you have hard water. If you are wondering how to tell if your home has hard water, there are multiple ways to do so – the harder step is finding the right purification system for your home.

This purification system effectively draws out the chlorine contaminating your water supply. However, it does far more than just that.

Heavy Metals: Aquasana markets this water filter to those with the primary goal of chlorine removal. Beyond this, you can also reduce the presence of heavy metals like mercury and lead, both of which are potentially harmful toxins.

Organic Chemicals: Organic chemicals can also pollute your water supply. From herbicides and pesticides to VOCs and industrial solvents, the
Rhino can rid your water of unwanted impurities to an extent. However, we must reiterate that the core focus is on efficiently removing chlorine.


A Professional-Grade Installation Kit That Packs a Punch

We’ll never attempt to sell you on additional upgrades; you should always only spend what you can afford when looking to purify the water supply in your home. In the case of the pro-grade installation kit, though, the return on investment is substantial. Here’s what is included:

Post-filter: The sub-micron post-filter gives you valuable protection against microscopic cysts and organic particles. Removing these contaminants gives you peace of mind and cleaner, safer water.
Pre-filter: The 20-inch pre-filter in this kit is double the size of the regular filter, offering double the lifespan.
Brass fittings: Built to last and easier to install, maintenance is also simplified with these brass fittings in place.
Shut-off valves: Bend supports and shut-off valves create a bypass loop enabling more straightforward filter changes when needed.

Why This Kit Makes Sense: Extending the life of your filters will save you money in the long term so that you can think of the equipment as an investment rather than an expense. You’ll also require less maintenance which will save you money, time, and hassle.

The addition of the post-filter noticeably increases performance to give you cleaner water than ever before. The fittings and shut-off valves improve your overall experience while further streamlining maintenance. The kit is especially valuable with private well water supplies where water is far more prone to organic matter, bacteria and cysts.

Salt-Free Water Treatment

Whether you’re sensitive to salt or you don’t like the idea of salt-based water treatment systems, you have a choice. The Aquasana Rhino offers entirely salt-free water filtration options. How is this achieved?

Scale Control Media Technology: SimplySoft is a proprietary and proven scale control media (SCM) technology that serves to prevent scale from forming while also protecting your pipes and plumbing from corrosion over time.

With SimplySoft, your water will not be demineralized, nor will you end up dumping excess salt or chemical waste into the environment. For a natural and chemical-free approach to softening, SCM is a home run.
While this is a descaler rather than a softener, you’ll notice an improvement in soap lathering. Your water heater, dishwasher and washing machine are also likely to last longer.

Filter Performance

Depending on which variant you opt for, the filters included might differ. The model we chose has a four-stage filtration system meeting NSF benchmarks for the removal of chlorine. Here’s a closer look at what each of those filters does:

First Stage: This pre-filtration stage is a strong defense against smaller particles. The pre-filter removes dust, sediment and any microscopic particles to a size of 5 microns. The inbuilt benefit of the pre-filter is the way it protects the primary carbon tank from clogging up or blocking. It will not only safeguard the system but also extend the life of the subsequent filters.
Second Stage: The chlorine removal magic takes place in the tank. There are zinc-oxidation media along with crushed minerals to wick away more than 97% of all chlorine from the water while also delivering an alkaline pH value. Since alkaline water is an antioxidant, this can return health benefits. This second-stage filter acts in much the same way as the alkaline filter in a reverse osmosis system.
Third Stage: An activated carbon filter sourced from coconut shell helps to inhibit the growth of algae and bacteria while also lessening the impact of chemical compounds, pesticides, and herbicides. The carbon media also works well to absorb chlorine from water.
Fourth Stage: A 0.35-micron post-filter will get rid of any organic particles along with microscopic cysts. You’ll have to do without this post-filter unless you opt for the pro-grade kit, which is the finest filter available in a conventional whole house water system; your water will be free of dust, mold, car emissions, lead dust particles, and bacteria.

Filters are inexpensive and readily available when they need replacing.

Multiple Upgrades Available

The Aquasana Rhino comes in several different configurations, many of them packing optional upgrades that drive up the price. The option we’re reviewing includes the following add-ons. If you’re looking to reduce costs, check out some of the other variants without these upgrades.

Salt-Free Water Descaler: This descaler is “better than just a softener.” With no salt, the SCM technology outlined above is a smart addition.

UV Sterilight Filtration: The UV filter acts as an extra line of defense against any waterborne pathogens. If you’re using well water, this is an absolute must. With city supplies, consider this filtration optional but dependent on circumstances. Ultraviolet light will destroy 99.99% of all microorganisms that could potentially contaminate your water supply, giving you extra peace of mind.

Installation Kit: We’ve broken down the kit in full detail above so decide whether this package makes sense for you.

Installing & Maintaining Your Aquasana Rhino

Installing the Aquasana Rhino is relatively straightforward but bear in mind the warranty if you choose not to use a plumber.

You might also run into some issues with the fragile connectors, but we’ll give you a basic snapshot of how you can get up and running if you choose to.

• Select an indoor location away from direct sunlight, close to where the water line enters your home. This should be upstream of the water heater.
• Make sure the Rhino remains upright throughout the installation. According to Aquasana’s recommendation, you need 50 inches of clearance for the tank and at least 30 inches for floor space.

• Remove the red shipping caps from both ports on the main tank.

• Flush the filter media. First, connect a garden hose to the inlet port on the main tank. Turn the water on slowly and let it flow from the outlet port. Pop a bucket in place or use a drain.

• This initial flushing will take a few minutes. Turn on the water supply for 30 seconds, then turn it off for 30 seconds. Repeat this cycle for 10 to 15 minutes until the water runs clear. Place the whitewashers inside the inlet and outlet ports, then disconnect the hose.

• Install the main tank in your preferred location.

• Switch off the water supply.

• Install the unit to the main water line.

• Use support brackets during piping assembly.

• Turn on the water supply gently.

• Check for any leaks.

• Open a nearby faucet then allow the filter system to flush for up to 10 minutes.
It would be best to have your water filter system professionally installed, but this should give you an idea of what the process entails. Installation should be done in a few hours.

Solid and Lengthy Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

Since this system costs a considerable amount of money, what kind of guarantee is in place and is it worthwhile?
Complete peace of mind: This system is guaranteed to last for ten years or 1 million gallons. What happens when that lifespan is complete? You’ll be offered a replacement tank for roughly 75% the cost of an original off the shelf. To qualify for this warranty, you’ll need the system installed by a professional plumber, so bear this in mind if you’re tempted to fit it yourself.

Money-back guarantee: Buying a water filter fills many potential customers with trepidation. Will it work? Aquasana addresses this head-on by offering a full, no obligation money-back guarantee at any time during the first three months after purchase.

US-Based Customer Care

What if something goes wrong with your water filter? Unfortunately, opinion on Aquasana’s customer care is polarized so we’ll refrain from comment and give you the hard facts:

US-based team: The United States-based customer service team is available via hotline six days a week. To reiterate, you’ll need to have this system professionally installed to take advantage of the warranty.

Let us know how you get on if you experience any problems and end up dealing with customer service! We’re always happy to update our reviews with first-hand reports from readers.

Due to some negative comments made randomly online about customer care, it’s tough to deliver an objective opinion.


Measurements and Specifications:

Item Model Number EQ-1000-AST-UV-AMZN
Item Weight   10.7 pounds
Product Dimensions 9 x 46 x 69 inches
Flow Rate 7 GPM
Water Consumption 7 GPM
Warranty 10-year
Lifespan 1 million gallons

• Capable of purifying all the water throughout your house.
• Remarkably effective at cutting chlorine levels to a complete minimum.
• Little maintenance required, an impressive lifespan and an outstanding warranty.
• Arguably not as effective as a reverse osmosis system and doesn’t deal with the issue of hard water.

The Bottom Line: Aquasana Whole House Water Filter

If you’re investigating point-of-entry water purification systems, Aquasana should undoubtedly occupy a place on your shortlist.

For many reasons, salt-based water treatment doesn’t appeal to everyone. With the all-natural scale control media technology in place on the Rhino, you can eliminate salt and chemicals, doing your part for the environment without settling on performance.

The 10-year or 1 million-gallon lifespan, combined with the option of purchasing a replacement tank at a dramatic discount when this period is complete, renders the Aquasana Rhino one of the most capable and durable whole house water filtration systems in a crowded market.

Just keep in mind that the treatment with the basic package is not a water softener so, while your water will taste great and you can rest easy knowing it’s safe and free of all contaminants, it’s not designed to soften water.

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