Aquasana Whole House Water Filter Review




When you’re looking for a whole house filter to treat the water in your home, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by all your options. After all, there are so many different models to choose from – some use reverse osmosis, while others use salt-based softening.

It is vital to remember that there is no right or wrong answer to what makes the best whole house water filter. All that matter is that you get what’s right for you and your home, and you can check out our list of whole house water filter reviews to learn more!

That said, if you’re looking for a filter to purify your water and remove chlorine from it, the Aquasana Whole House Water Filter is right for you.

If you are looking for a thorough break down of the best whole house water filters on the market, read our guide with water softener reviews to help you make an educated decision.

Reap the benefits of the Aquasana Rhino when you bring this quality into your home. We will break down all these benefits by category, so that you have all the information necessary to decide if this is the right whole house water filter for your home.

The Benefits of the Whole House Water Filter Point-Of-Entry System

We are incredibly privileged to have such a wide ray of water technology products at our fingertips, like the Aquasana. This whole house water filter is a point-of-entry system capable of flexible performance throughout your home.

Purification at every water output point: Point-of-use systems are installed at a single water output point, generally under the sink or at the faucet. The Aquasana Rhino is instead situated where the water enters your home, which means that it is purified at every single output point.

Benefits extending throughout the home: With up to 97% of the chlorine removed from tap water, the first clear advantage is crisper and cleaner drinking water. This purification system also helps to strip out other contaminants helping you to reduce cooking times and realize better results in the kitchen. Your skin and hair will feel better, and you will notice improved air quality in the home, thanks to the added effect of fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

While this product is technically a whole house water filter, it’s important to know it’s also an whole house water softener. If you’re looking to improve the taste and quality of your drinking water, then be sure to check out our list of whole house water filter reviews to learn about some of our favorite products!

What, precisely, does the Aquasana filter remove, then?

Filter Out Contaminants with This Aquasana Filter & Water Softener

The first step to addressing contaminants in your water is to determine if you have hard water. If you are wondering how to tell if your home has hard water, there are multiple ways to do so – the harder step is finding the right purification system for your home.

This purification system effectively draws out the chlorine contaminating your water supply. However, it does far more than just that.

Heavy Metals: Aquasana markets this water filter to those with the primary goal of chlorine removal. Beyond this, you can also reduce the presence of heavy metals like mercury and lead, both of which are potentially harmful toxins.