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Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter Review

When foul odors, undesirable tastes, and harmful chemicals leave your tap water undrinkable, only a quality whole house filtration system can treat all the faucets in your home. The Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter caught our attention after hours of online research, and the results were pretty amazing.

With its stellar 4.7 out of 5 star rating among Amazon users, we decided to take a closer look. In our full Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter review, you’ll learn about all the amazing features that make this filtration unit such a bargain.

iWaterPurification Product Overview

Product Name: Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter – 3 Stage Home Water Filtration System


  • 3-Stage Water Filtration
  • Easy Set-Up
  • High Capacity 100,000 gallon Filters

Rating Score:

  • Installation: 4/5
  • Performance: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Cleaning & Maintenance: 5/5

Overall iWaterPurification Score: 95%

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Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter Review (Full)

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 8.5 x 29.2 inches
  • Weight: 65 Pounds
  • 1 x Sediment Filter
  • 1 x KDF Filter
  • 1 x Active Carbon Filter
  • Standing Stainless Steel Frame
  • 1” inch Connections

The Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter is a 3 Stage, point of entry home water filtration system engineered for high volume usage. Enjoy crisp, clear, healthy drinking water from any tap in your home once the Express Water 3 Stage Heavy Metal Water Filter is installed.

Express Water has made it really easy to fall in love with their system. Equipped with three stages of filtration (Sediment, KDF, and Carbon Filters), your tap water will finally get a full treatment for a wide range of contaminants. Whether you need to remove the taste of heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines,unsightly rust, harmful pesticides, dirt, sand, silt, dangerous levels of lead, herbicides, or industrial solvents, this filter system works to restore your water to pristine levels of purity.

Pharmaceuticals, Turbidity, Odors, Cloudiness, are also treated by this sturdy, compact water filter. Even microorganisms that cause illness are killed off within hours of installation. A one year warranty protects the Express Water Systems against defects, and free lifetime support is available for as long as you own the system.

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Assembly And Installation
There’s no doubt that Express Water invests time and quality into the engineering and construction of their whole house water filtration system. No assembly is required but some installation work is necessary to connect the system to your main water supply.

Made from 100% food-grade materials, the pressure gauges, easy pressure release buttons , and standard 1” inch connections provide a hassle free installation. The sturdy freestanding stainless steel mount attaches to the wall where your home’s water intake is located. Each of the filter housings is precision fitted to the steel frame. Once it’s properly connected, the effects of the filtration system can be seen and tasted shortly after. large capacity filters up to 100,000 gallons of clean water

As stated by the manufacturer, the components were independently tested and verified to meet the highest NSF / ANSI standards. The three filter housings are made from high durability food-grade ABS and PCE plastic. A translucent filter housing for the first filter allows you to easily monitor the filter for changing. Verified by independent laboratory testing, the filter meets NSF / ANSI standards.

You’ll notice the difference in taste and odor after only your first glass of water. All the filters are specially engineered to work together. Thanks to a superior high flow design, you won’t experience any loss of water pressure even with multiple faucets in demand. Each filter housing is connected with industrial bonded high capacity flow connectors, rated for up to 0.25 gallons per second at 45-80 psi.

The Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter will safely remove the following contaminants:

  • Chlorine, Chloramine
  • Iron, Rust, Lead, Copper
  • Pesticides, Insecticides Herbicides
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC)
  • Viruses, Fungi, Sulfur, Silt
  • Turbidity, Cloudiness, Hydrogen Sulfate and Odors
  • Aluminum, Cadmium,, Nickel, Chromium
  • Mercury, Dirt, Sand

Whether it’s laundry, a load of dishes, or clean water for watering your garden, this whole house filtration system can handle the load year after year.

Fitted with three high capacity filters and industrial grade materials, the Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter can be relied on to supply high volumes of hot or cold water for all your household needs. With their combined 100,000 gallon capacity, these filters will serve a busy household without leaking, corroding, or damage for years to come.

Three Stages of Clean Filtration

Stage 1: Sediment Filter
The first stage of filtration is a sediment filter, which removes coarse damaging contaminants like sand, rust, and dirt from your tap water before moving on to the next two stages.

Made with precision packed food-grade polypropylene microfiber, the Express Water sediment filters feature four distinct layers that capture contaminants as small as 5 microns. The outer layers catch the coarsest contaminants, while an inner layers filters finer sediments and particles.

Stage 2: Kinetic Degradation Fluxion Filter (KDF)
Once the sediment particles are removed, the water is pumped through the second stage filter designed for capturing heavy metal contaminants. The Kinetic Degradation Fluxion filter removes iron, lead, chloramine, arsenic, sulfur, algae, viruses, hydrogen sulfide, fungi, mercury, chlorine, and aluminum. It also controls and inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms.

The KDF85 is made with catalytic carbon and high purity ionically charged copper and zinc granules. For maximum absorption, the KDF has an equal flow design, sealed with a thermal bonded cap and industrial sealed silicon ring for the ultimate in durability.

Stage 3: Carbon Block Filter (ACB)
Finally, the third stage filter works to improve the taste and drinkability of your tap water using an Activated Carbon Block, or ACB Filter. Active carbon filters are highly effective at removing any chlorine, Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Pharmaceuticals, Turbidity, Pesticides, and Chemicals.

The activated carbon filter is made with tight packed, laboratory vacuum heated carbon for high capacity filtration to maximize the surface area of the carbon and extend the life of the filter. Industrial sealed silicon ring and a thermal bonded cap finish of the filter, making it extremely durable.

Cleaning And Maintenance
Worried about wasting valuable time on heavy duty maintenance? The Express Water system takes a lot of the frustration out of filter replacement thanks to their quick and easy to understand design. Even without the instructions, you can quickly swap out the disposable filters so you can continue enjoying clean drinking water without interruption.

A translucent first stage filter housing lets you easily monitor your system to observe when a filter replacement is needed. Depending on the level of contamination, the life of the filters is good for up to 100,000 gallons, or six to twelve months of use.

Although most users have found the Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter
straightforward to install, the instructions are laid out in the most helpful way.

Is A Whole House Water Filter Right For You?

Is A Whole House Water Filter Right For You?

Finding a water filtration system to treat dirty tap water takes careful planning and research. Considering the investment, it only makes sense to audit the water quality in your entire home first. You may discover that the problem isn’t as widespread as you thought. In that case, you can consider a point-of-use water filtration system to treat the faucets most affected by contaminated tap water.

Discover: Low Cost Ways For Home Owners To Treat Contaminated Tap Water

Foul smelling water from multiple faucets in your household is a sure sign that the water entering your home has been compromised. To treat the water throughout your entire home, you need the power of a whole house water filtration unit.

Benefits of A Whole House Water Filter
While more costly than a POU (point of use) device, a whole house water filter has several benefits:

  • High capacity filters for treating water in high volume
  • Superior flow rate engineering to maintain consistent water pressure
  • Multi-stage filtration for treating heavy metals, chemicals, viruses, fungi, and many other pollutants commonly found in tap water
  • Low maintenance required (annual filter replacement)

Is Your Tap Water Contaminated?

A water test kit can quickly reveal whether the foul smell in your tap water is the result of hydrogen sulfide or just some lingering odor from the neighbor. You’re probably familiar with at least one of the signs on this list [1].

Here are 5 of the most common signs you may need a water filtration system to treat your tap water:

1. Spotted Glassware
Dishes that repeatedly come out of your dishwasher with unsightly spots is a sure sign that you are washing with hard water. Hard water is a widespread problem across many westerns states, where limestone can be found in abundance, the biggest source of hard water contamination.

High levels of calcium and magnesium in your water make it nearly impossible for soap to lather, which leaves your dishes just as dirty as when you left them. You’ll need a high quality water softener with activated carbon filters to restore your tap water to its healthy state.

2. Turbidity
If the water flowing from your faucet appears cloudy or opaque in a glass of water, you may be observing the presence of high levels of undissolved chemicals. High levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium leached into public water systems after a heavy rainfall or floods could be the cause. Healthy drinking water is always clear in appearance.

3. Discoloration
Tap water that emerges yellow, orange, or rust in color is a sign of corrosion in your pipes or your water supply. Copper, lead, and iron are the most common culprits. The excess levels of rust can breed bacteria, while lead consumption even in small doses can be harmful to infants, the elderly, children and pregnant women [2].

4. Bleach Odor
Chlorine, once widely used by city water supplies to treat water, is relatively safe, but some dangerous byproducts can be produced when levels are excessively high. Trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids have been linked to an increased risk of cancer. If you detect a strong odor
of chlorine in your tap water, get your water officially tested.

5. Rotten Egg Odor
Among the most common signs of contaminated tap water, the presence of hydrogen sulfides is easily identifiable by the smell of rotten eggs. This colorless gas occurs naturally in groundwater, but can easily cause diarrhea or dehydration if exposed to bacteria.


[1] 8 signs your tap water might be dangerous to drink (Business Insider)
[2] Basic Information about Lead in Drinking Water (EPA)

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