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Swamp water cooler pumps are fantastic machines that can be very practical and useful for your home and office, no matter the need you have in mind.

These water coolers are some of the best in the industry, but like any machine, they too are subject to wear and tear that can affect their performance, leading them to not be as effective in operation as they possibly can be.

The great news is that there are solutions to this occurrence! Check out this article to learn all you need to know about swamp water coolers, their pumps, possible common issues, and how to fix said issues.swamp water cooler pump

What Are Swamp Water Coolers?

Swamp water coolers are a form of evaporative water coolers. Evaporative water coolers are devices that cool air through the evaporation of water. This process is efficient and energy protective as it uses natural elements to cool the air. These devices also add humidity into the air through the evaporative process of turning liquid water into water vapor, so the energy in the air does not change even though warm, dry air is changed to cool, moist air. Thus, these machines are ideal for both air conditioning and humidifying.

Evaporative water coolers, such as swamp water coolers, utilize lesser amounts of energy when compared to traditional air conditioning units and humidifiers. To be the most efficient, these water coolers best perform in areas that are both dry and hot and that do not have a lot of moisture present in the air.

Reasons to Have a Swamp Water Cooler

Having a swamp water cooler and any evaporative water cooler can be very effective for you.

If you are looking to save money on your energy costs, you will find much benefit with owning a swamp water cooler, whether in your home, your office, or both. With the energy efficient processes of these machines, you will be able to reduce your energy expenditure, protecting your wallet and your environment.

Furthermore, if you are in an area that is hot and dry without a large amount of moisture in the air, you will gain a great deal of benefit from these water coolers as well since they will be able to provide you with cool, humid air.

Possible Issues

Like all machines, you might find that your swamp water cooler could break down over time with continued use, but don’t worry! This is a natural occurrence with machines.

The pumps on the machine are likely to be the main issue you might run into since this part of the machine handles a tremendous amount of work over a prolonged period of time.

One of the main issues you might run into is water not covering the base of the pump which will prevent the pump from operating at its best ability and at the highest quality.

How to Troubleshoot Your Swamp Water Cooler Pump

If you are finding that your swamp water cooler pump is not operating properly, have no fear; there are simple solutions for you.

If water is not covering the base of the pump, check the water feed and check the float on the device. Be sure these are operating properly and are in the correct positions as stated in the owner’s manual. When these parts get wedged out of place, the water cooler pump will likely not work as it is supposed to or intended to.

Check to make sure that your swamp water cooler pump is plugged in to the electrical outlet. If it is, then check the breaker or use a dvom to see if there is power radiating from the outlet and reaching the machine. Sometimes, since the machine uses energy over an extended period of time, the breaker can be tripped, especially when additional high-energy machines are being operated at the same time, such as a hair dryer or vacuum.

If the breaker is tripped, simply reset the breaker. If the electrical outlet is not outputting energy, then unplug the machine to protect it from possible electrical damage. Call an electrician to have them come check out and fix the possible issue with your outlets and electrical system.

If you have power reaching your system and if the pump is still not working, then check for a clog within the system as this might be the reason behind the present issue.

If there is no clog in your swamp water cooler pump or if you have additional issues or problems that you are having difficulty with solving, contact the customer support phone numbers that are present on your owner’s manual. Representatives will be able to help you fix your machine to get it back up and running as quickly as possible and to get you back to enjoying your swamp water cooler!

Point to Note

Remember, your swamp water cooler is a machine and like all machines, they are bound to break over time, especially with extended use.

Hold on to the contact information of the customer support lines that you can call if you have any issue that you are having difficulty resolving should an issue arise.


It is recommended to maintain regular upkeep and maintenance of your swamp water cooler. On a frequent basis, thoroughly check the various systems of the machine to ensure they are operating as they should be.

If you see anything that might be atypical, be sure to try to fix it as soon as you can to prevent any future or larger issue from occurring.


Your swamp water cooler pump is a tremendous machine that can provide you with powerful cooling air and necessary humidity for your every need. Like all machines, there is a possibility that they might face some issues over their lifespan. With the above information and troubleshooting tips, you will be able to fix many of the common issues that you might face with your machine. In doing so, you can get your swamp water cooler back up and running so you can continue enjoying it each and every day!

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