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Home Master TMJRF2E Jr F2 Elite Sinktop Water Filtration System, White
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Home Master TMJRF2E Sinktop Water Filter Review (January 2024)

Nowadays it is easy to doubt the purity and quality of water that runs through our taps which is why more people are taking steps to provide an extra means of purification in their homes. Countertop Water filters happen to be one of such means and the Home Master TMJRF2E Sinktop is one of the best options you can find in the market in terms of price and performance.

Using the Home Master TMJRF2E Sinktop will not only ensure you have clean water in your home, but also one that tastes far better. It is not only affordable, but also highly effective and powerful. While Berkey Filters are awesome, their prices can be a little high. If you want a unit that can deliver similar performance for less than half the bill of Berkey filters, then the Home Master TMJRF2E Sinktop is your best shot.

This countertop filter comes with a classy design that fits into any kitchen style and a body doesn’t take up much of your space. It can remove up to 93% of contaminants in your water, especially harmful ones like fluoride, arsenic, and heavy metals. It also removes chlorine which is usually responsible for the “bad” taste and smell of some city supplies. And even if you live in place with clean water supply, this system can still serve to improve the taste of the water.

Considering all the perks of this system, we had no choice but to include it in our list of the best countertop water filters in the market.

Special features

While purchasing any RO filter system is obviously a good move, it’s still important to know what you’re spending your money on so that you don’t end up getting disappointed. The Home Master TMJRF2E Filter System is a top quality product you can rely upon; getting one for your home will not only provide you with clean drinking but also save you many trips to the doctor.

The use of quality filters is not the only thing that makes the product stand out from the rest. Even the design is a rock. Let’s quickly look at some of the amazing features of this unit.

Elegant Design

The Home Master TMJRF2E Sinktop comes with an elegant design that doesn’t take up much of your kitchen space.

All you need is a little space to install the system and you can get it producing quality water in no time. Whether it’s your own home or a temporary living space, you will always find a place for the Home Master TMJRF2E, no matter how little. And you don’t have to worry whether it will fit your sinktop…because it will.

Highly Portable

With a weight of just 4.1 pounds, the Home Master TMJRF2E is one of the lightest countertop filters you can find out there. In order words, you can convenient carry it about, transferring it from one place to another without any worries. Not every countertop filters gives you such convenience.

Highly efficient

With a rated efficiency of up to 93% removal of impurities, you would agree that the Home Master TMJRF2E is one of the most efficient countertop filters on the counter. It uses powerful catalytic carbon filtration media to effectively remove harmful contaminants that are commonly found in municipal supplies. Contaminants can range from heavy metals like lead, iron, and aluminum to chemicals like pesticides, VOCs, fluorine, chlorine and chloramines.

The unit also helps in correct acidity in water which consequently improves taste. No doubt, this product will make an excellent choice for producing clean better tasting drinking water. All the filters used in the system are all tested and certified to right standards, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Easy Installation

Installing most water filter systems usually present a challenge for many homeowners. However, this is not the case with the Home Master TMJRF2 sinktop water filter System. Even if you don’t have any DIY skill set, your first time with this system will make you feel like a pro.

Each component of the unit is coloured and labelled which makes it very easy to fit and match them. A detailed manual with step-by-step instruction is provided to make the installation a breeze. If you are patient and careful enough to follow through, you should be done with the whole set-up in few minutes.


  • Removes fluoride
  • Simple installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Produces high pure water that tastes great
  • Reduces a wide range of contaminants
  • Doesn’t remove healthy minerals
  • Saves space
  • Elegant design
  • Compact and portable


  • Not NSF certified
  • Faucet adapter may be of low quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this be used with a pull out faucet?
A: No it attaches to the faucet itself
Q: Is 5 microns the best filtration this unit has to offer?
A: Not really. For 1 micron filtration consider the TMJRPLUS model.
Q: Does this take out calcium?
A: This filter does not take out calcium or magnesium.
Q: Is this product NSF certified?
A: NONE of the Home Master products are NSF certified for now.
Q: Does it come with the filter already insert inside the system?
A: Yes. It is recommended you change it every 6 months or so though.
Q: Does this device create alkaline water?
A: No, it doesn’t need to. This product is primarily intended for city water.
Q: How often am I supposed to change the filter?
A: The manual states every 3 months or every 500 gallons.
Q: Does this filter fluoride?
A: Yes, it does.
  • 9.2/10
    Our Rating - 9.2/10


The Home Master TMJRF2 is a great product that will make a good buy. It offers almost everything you need from a filter system, and at the current price, you would agree it’s a good take. If you desire a filter unit that won’t take up much space in your home and pollute your environment, then this unit is worth your investment. You can be rest assured of getting water that is pure, refreshing, and free of fluoride and tastes great.

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