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Ispring Wgb22b 2-Stage 20-Inch Big Blue Whole House Water Filter Review

Water is essential to life; so also is its quality. This is why the quality of water in your home may also affect your home quality in its entirety. Being able to vouch for the integrity of the water that flows in your home is not only desirable but of utmost importance. Unfortunately, most of the municipal or city supplies that flows to our taps and wells are ever laden with germs and chemicals that make them unsafe for consumption.

In order to solve this problem, some homeowners will opt to purchase bottled water while others will settle for the more traditional method of boiling. Although both methods are viable means of water purification, the former might drag down your bankroll, while the latter is hardly sufficient for getting rid of certain sediments and the foul taste of chlorine which is common with most city supplies.

Luckily water filter systems provide a more economic and efficient means of water purification which seem to be better in every way. And for a family that needs clean water at their call, nothing works better than whole house water filters. The iSpring WGB22B 2-Stage 20-Inch Big Blue Whole House Water Filter happens to be one of the best of such systems in the market right now.

Made in the US, the iSpring WGB22B is an elegant Big Blue water filter that has been described as the ideal whole house filter for municipal supplies. It comes with two filtration stages that ensure adequate removal of contaminants and sediments. The filter housing is 1″ port which guarantees excellent water flow of up to 15 gallons per minute.

Interestingly, the iSpring WGB22B has already received a lot of positive reviews and is one of the most valued whole house filters currently available in the market. As a result we had no choice but to include it in our list of the best whole house filters for households.

Main features

One of the best ways to ensure you are shopping for the right product is to evaluate its features beforehand in order to make an informed decision. The features described below shows why the iSpring WGB22B is one of the best whole house filter unit in the market.

Long-lasting filters

One of the advantages of the iSpring WGB22B unit is that it comes with large filters…in fact, the largest in the market. What does this imply?

When it comes to household water purification, it’s a common occurrence for small sized filters to gradually wear out sooner as water flow gets impaired. However, this is not the case with large filters.

With a whole house filter that is equipped with large filters, you can save money on frequent filter change. The iSpring WGB22B filters is guaranteed to last you for a very long time. And even when you decide to change them, the price won’t scare you away.

Highly efficient

The use of two filter stages in the iSpring WGB22B ensures high performance of the system.

The first stage of the filter housing is designed with a 5-micron filtration capacity which makes it suitable to contaminants with particle size of 5-micron or higher. This set-up also prevents the clogging of the inner filter.

The second filtration stage of the iSpring WGB22B comprises of an inner filter based on coconut shell and CTO carbon block. This set-up ensures the removal of targeted contaminants such as chlorine and VOCs like pesticides and industrial chemicals.

Chlorine removal can be as high as 90% which significantly reduces the bad taste and odour of the water.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

For homeowners with a little bit of plumbing experience, the iSpring WKB32B is quite easy to install. The extra technical knowledge is needed because the unit doesn’t come with a bypass or shut off valves, and so requires soldering to install. Beside this, the installation guide is developed in step-by-step stages which are clear and easy to follow.

However, if you don’t have the muscle or little technical skill, then you may want to consider hiring a plumber to take care of the installation for you. But this will only attract more cost which is more expenses in addition to the cost of purchasing bypass of shut off valves.

The system filters require just a wrench and a little effort to replace, so maintenance should be a breeze.

100,000-Gallon capacity

At 100,000 gallon capacity, the iSpring WGB22B ensures that your whole family has access to fresh clean water for one full year. Of course, this is a small family size like four.

You can expect excellent purification and removal up to 95% contaminants from your water.


  • High capacity sediment filters
  • Produces clean fresh water
  • Minimal pressure reduction and extended filter life
  • NSF approved filters
  • Cheap filters
  • Great customer support
  • Suitable for both well and municipal water supply
  • Good flow speed of 15 Gallons per minute
  • High gallon capacity


  • Installation require a bit of muscle and plumbing experience
  • Doesn’t come with all the needed parts for installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many gallons is the filter able to treat?
A: 100,000 gallons or 6 months
Q: Do I remove a plastic wrap from filter cartridge before install into unit?
A: Absolutely
Q: Does this remove iron?
A: Yes, but we would recommend the 3-stage model if the iron is very high
Q: Will the Fine Sediment & Carbon filters work to remove pesticides?
A: yes it removes up to 95% of sediment, chlorine, rust, pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals
Q: Does this filter lead?
A: Not with the filters in this particular model.
Q: Where are the filters manufactured?
A: This unit and the filters are manufactured in the USA.
Q: Can this remove copper?
A: Yes
Q: Does the system have metal fittings or is it all plastic?
A: It’s all plastic
Q: Does this unit come with the filters included?
A: Yes
Q: Does this unit soften water as well?
A: No, only filters water.
  • 9/10
    Our Rating - 9/10


Except for its little hard-to-follow installation and the extra expenses of getting additional parts for the set-up, every other thing about the iSpring WGB22B is a good take. It would have probably received a complete rating. But notwithstanding, this unit is amazing and is one the best products you will come across in the market. If you’re looking for a filter system that will provide clean water for your family all year round, then the iSpring WGB22B will definitely make a great choice.

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