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Unique Bottom Loading Feature Makes NewAir WAT40B’s Water Cooler a Winner

The NewAir WAT40B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is an effective water system for your home, office, and every desirable location. This product is a masterpiece in offering you clean hot and cold water whenever you need it. The beautiful design of the water cooler encapsulates your every wish for a sleek and sexy addition to your house and office.

If you have trouble accessing such water that is safe because of your location or other circumstances, this water dispenser will provide you with effective solutions made just for you in mind. Thanks to the powerful safety features included with this water cooler, you will have access to the greatest water protecting your health and safety and the health and safety of all.NewAir WAT40B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Unique Bottom Loading Design Makes Reloading a Breeze

One unique feature of this water cooler is the bottom loading design for the water bottles. Typical water coolers have the water bottles set on top of the dispenser, but this model is unique in that the bottles are held underneath the system. This makes loading them much easier and for individuals where lifting the heavy bottles is a barrier, the design of this cooler is able to eliminate this barrier.

Whenever you are finished with one bottle, you can easily switch out the bottles from one to the next. You will not have to lift the bottle high to change it; rather, you can simply slide it into place and connect it as normal.

The ease of loading the new bottle into place is a tremendous feature for many and is one of the reasons this water cooler is loved by all of its users. With this design, ease of use and efficiency are profoundly increased, allowing you to get back to your activities more quickly.

BPA-Free Brings Safety

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Another impressive feature of this water cooler is its BPA-free construction. BPA is a synthetic material often used in plastic products to maintain their stiffness and rigidity, but it is known to have the potential to cause harmful health conditions.

The NewAir WAT40B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is free of this chemical, thus maintaining its safety and health protection for you. You, your family, your loved ones, and/or your coworkers will not have to fear that any synthetic contaminants will be entering your water.

This feature has been noted to be of high importance and value to the customer. Many reviewers have expressed feelings of security and calming assurance knowing that this water cooler is BPA-free.

This BPA-free construction is a feature unique to this water dispenser as a majority of water coolers available on the market today are not BPA-free. If safe water is an important factor for you when researching your new water cooler for purchase, be sure to keep this model in mind for this reason.

Product Specifications

The NewAir WAT40B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Bottom Loading Water Dispenser has the following specifications:

  • 12.2 x 13.6 x 41 inches
  • 35.3 pounds in weight before water battles
  • Energy Star approved
  • QualifiedSafety
  • Hot and cold safety locks

Customer Reviews

The bottom loading feature of the design is one characteristic that has been explained as one powerful pro. It improves the ease of use for this water cooler above others, giving this water dispenser an edge above the rest of its competition. This feature makes the water dispenser easy to load, thus making it easier to operate the system as well. Even more, this design improves the look of the water cooler since the water bottle is stored within the structure and along with the sharp black construction, its overall look is as impressive as it is useful.

The water cooler’s unbeatable quality is a tremendous pro as well.

The beautiful look of the water cooler is a major benefit as well. Most of the water coolers on the market today are similar looking, but this one is special from the rest thanks to its black color, smooth finish, and polished design. The modernity of the NewAir WAT40B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Bottom Loading Water Dispenser keeps customers coming back for more, allowing them to add this water cooler to their existing design of their home or office.

Generating the ideal temperatures for both hot and cold, this system will give you the perfect water you are looking for, just as it has given to the thousands of customers who have purchased it previously.

Indicator lights on the machine are utilized to show you when the hot and cold waters are ready. These lights help you to know when the respective waters have reached their ideal temperatures, giving you the best water possible. This has been recognized as a valued feature for customers who are often on the go or away from the area where the water dispenser is located.

The locking mechanisms on the hot and cold dispensers can protect children from potential burns if accidentally using the system without permission. Parents and offices where small children are present can find this reassuring.

The Water Cooler of Choice!

The NewAir WAT40B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is the perfect water cooler for those looking for modern, simple, easy-to-use, convenient, and user-friendly accessibility. With this water cooler’s unique features, this product is a winner.

From the bottom loading design and BPA-free construction to the indicator lights and safety locks on the hot and cold dispensers, you will find all the benefits you are looking for with the NewAir WAT40B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Bottom Loading Water Dispenser.

Give this water cooler a try today. It is more than worth every penny!

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