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Review of the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

Have you been looking for a new water dispenser for your home or office? The Avalon A4 bottom loading water cooler dispenser is one of the most popular water coolers, and for good reason.

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

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Water dispensers are must-have appliances for the home and office. They provide easy access to drinking water, are very convenient, encourage everyone to drink more, they save you money and drastically reduce your carbon footprint by using less bottled waters. Depending on where you order your water from, bottom loading water dispensers provide the chance to drink the highest quality water.

However, some water dispensers have been known to harbor bacteria, and if you’re not cleaning and disinfecting your water dispenser thoroughly several times per week, you can be sure to encounter many germs. Furthermore, we know that many families all over America are still dealing with water quality issues on a daily basis. We know water is essential to health and life, and to learn even more, you can also check out these 50 amazing water facts!

According to Scientists at Boston’s Northwestern University, 2,000 potentially harmful organisms were found in every thousandth liter of water. This is nearly four times the number of organisms limited by the government. What’s more, the water itself wasn’t the issue. “It was the water dispensed through the cooler that was primarily infected.”

The Avalon A4 Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

That’s where Avalon comes in. Avalon is a leading hydration equipment brand and unlike other water dispensers, Avalon’s Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser main function is to make sure your water is, in fact, safe to drink.

In recognition of this acclaimed, high-quality product, here at iWaterPurification, we are going to review this product more closely to determine if it truly is the ‘best’ of its kind.

So without further do, let us begin!

Before we get into all the key product features and benefits of Avalon’s Bottom Loading Water Cooler/Water Dispenser, we want to lay out a few things that you should look out for when deciding to purchase a water dispenser:

Water Cooler & Water Dispenser: Do you know the difference?

A water dispenser is not always a water cooler. There are essentially 2 types of water dispensers:

  1. Non- Electric: does not cool the water
  2. An electric water cooler that cools and dispenses the water

Drinking Water Temperature: Is it the same for all models?

No, water temperature differs between models and brands. Cold drinking temperature depends mainly on the size and type of compressor or other technology used in the design.

Must-Have Features: Look out for these

Water dispensers have at least one faucet, but they may also have another for hot water. Water dispensers with stainless steel water reservoir are the best as it eliminates the plastic water taste, which is very common with most water dispensers. A good water dispenser will have safety child locks for hot water faucets. There should also be a decent size spacing between the drip tray and faucet in case you want to refill personal water bottles or tall glasses.

Dispensers With Filtration

Some models incorporate a filtration system into a special water bottle. These are popular with those who want to filter their water without the expense of buying pre-filled water bottles.

Installation & Placement: Will you always need a plumber?

Good news, no you don’t. However, If the system connects directly to the water mains, you may need to hire a plumber to do the installation. If the device uses refillable bottles, you’ll need to make space to store them.  You also need to ensure that the cooler is placed in a location that gives you easy access and has a reasonable amount of space.

Cleanliness of the Machine: For safe drinking water

You want to make sure that you’re drinking safe and above all, clean water. Your dispenser should have proper drainage to make sure that the area around the dispenser is kept dry. The reservoir chamber should be cleaned at least once a week to ensure that your water is not packed with germs. When looking for a dispenser, try to get one that has a self-cleaning function, or one that is easy to clean.

Avalon’s Bottom Loading Water Cooler/Water Dispenser Key Product Features

Now that you have an idea of what to look out for when purchasing a water dispenser, let’s examine the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser in greater detail.

At first glance, we can see that it has an attractive stainless-steel design. Stainless steel eliminates the ‘plastic’ water taste, which is quite common with some coolers. It also compliments the decor of any home, office, kitchen or break room. What we love about this dispenser is that it is simple and easy to install. With 3 temperature options: hot, cold, and room temperature as well as a 2-stage filter, your employees, family, or friends, can quench their thirst with perfect water every time.

These systems have a multi-layer sediment and carbon block filters which lasts six months / 1500 gal. They also have a self-cleaning ozone function for longer water purification and worry-free cleaning. The self-cleaning function simplifies cleaning and maintaining this water cooler.

Additionally, they have three temperature settings: piping hot, room temperature, or crisp cold water. The system includes a first set of filters and an installation kit which is NSF Certified, UL Listed, and Energy Star Approved. Lastly, these systems are quick and easy to install, and no technician is required.

Benefits of The Avalon Water Dispenser

  • High-quality build
  • Sleek stainless-steel cabinet
  • Easy-to-use push-button spouts (making it more convenient to use)
  • A choice of 3 temperature settings
  • The highly efficient compressor makes the cold-water at roughly 47° F (meaning you won’t need ice cubes for your drink)
  • The hot faucet makes for a great steaming hot beverage at approximately 185° F
  • Due to the extremely hot water, the brand has added a child safety lock on the hot water faucet
  • UL listed
  • Complies with all standards of Energy Star
  • Built-in nightlight (water spouts clearly visible in the dark)
  • Everything you need to install it comes right in the box
  • Connects directly to a water line
  • You won’t need to have a drain installed
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain
  • No plumber required
  • Fits nicely in office spaces
  • The dispensing area is 12x3x10 inches and 9 inches below the spouts – an excellent height for tall water bottles
  • Incorporates a self-clean ozone function which will automatically clean the machine’s water tank with the injection of ozone
  • NSF certified activated carbon filter
  • Sediment filter in the cabinet
  • The filter purifies tap water eliminating any chlorine, lead, rust, and bacteria


  • Child safe design granted by the safety lock
  • Three different water temperatures depending on your preferences
  • Energy Star accredited due to its low power consumption
  • Empty bottle indicator lets you know when you need to change the water bottle
  • Covered by a 1-year warranty
  • Self-clean ozone function
  • No plumber required
  • No need to have a drain installed
  • No monthly rental fees, no water cooler leasing fees and no water jug delivery fees



  • Some delay in dispensing cold water


Intended Goal

“We didn’t invent the water cooler, we made it better.”

Avalon Water Coolers aim to provide clean drinking water with the consumer’s health and cost savings at the forefront. Their dispensers are perfect for home and work use, at the right temperature.

The company had its humble beginnings in 2008 as an office product & breakroom solutions distributor. After selling several water coolers, they noticed the average return and defect rate was over 35%. From there, they embarked on the journey to create the world’s most reliable water cooler dispensers.

Avalon is committed to providing you with an effortless hydration experience. All of their water dispensers are thoughtfully designed with your health and convenience in mind. Each water cooler is strictly tested and held to the highest standards with accredited organizations such as NSF, UL, and Energy Star. Today, Avalon is a leading hydration equipment brand.

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser: Price and Purchase Information

Brand Name Avalon
Item Weight 42.4 pounds
Product Dimensions 13 x 12 x 41 inches
Color Stainless Steel
Access Location Bottom-reservoir
Material Type Metal
Included Components Water Dispenser
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Q – How much will a bottleless cooler cost per month?

1 – A – When you buy the Avalon A5 bottleless water cooler, there are no monthly rental fees, no water cooler leasing fees and no water jug delivery fees.


2 – Q –  How many water coolers should your office have?

2 – A – An office should have 1 bottleless water cooler for every 20-25 people. If you have a larger work-space or your employees drink a lot of water, we would suggest buying additional dispensers.


3 – Q – How long does it take to install a bottleless water tower?

3 – A – Installing the A5 bottleless water dispenser is very simple and can be done in just a few simple steps. We estimate it takes about 25-30 minutes to install a new no-bottle water dispenser. The user manual will outline how to install it in detail and our customer support team is always here to help if you have any questions.


4 – Q – How often do I need to change the dispenser’s water filter?

4 – A – We recommend that the water filters should be replaced every 6 months, or 1500 gallons of water used, depending on which comes first.


5 – Q – What maintenance needs to be done on the A5 water dispenser?

5 – A – Our Avalon water coolers do not require much maintenance. Most units will require manual cleaning every 3 months. We do offer units that are self-cleaning. We suggest manually cleaning these units every 6 months to ensure there is no mineral build up.


6 – Q – Does the pump come with the product? Can you use any 5-gallon water bottle, or do you need a special bottle and where do you order?

6- A – Everything you need is included, nothing else to buy. You can use any 3- or 5-gallon bottles.


7 – Q – Can you turn off just the heater if you don’t need hot water?

7 – A – Yes, you can. There are two buttons on the back to shut off the hot or the cold. The third button will shut off the LED night light.


8 – Q – How do I get in touch with the manufacturer?

8 – A – They have their phone number in the manual

Verified Reviews


 “Set up was a little confusing at first but we figured it out, so far so good!” – 5 Stars
“We are looking forward to using this system” – 5 Stars
“The water coolers are wonderful and very easy to use.” – 5 Stars
“This was delivered today. Nicely packaged no damage. I am a single 53-year-old woman. I had no problem figuring out how to operate it. It is nicely designed and sleek looking. It was a breeze to install the pump in the water bottle and get it going. It didn’t even take 30 minutes to have nice cold water. I would recommend to anyone considering this purchase to get it. It’s much nicer than any I could find in our local SAMs or Lowes. It runs very quietly. I love it! You won’t be disappointed.” – 5 Stars
“I was very disappointed when I came home to find an all-black (I ordered stainless steel) water cooler in my Kitchen. My husband already had it set up, so it was impossible to send it back. ***UPDATE*** Just a couple days after posting this Avalon contacted me and made everything right. The customer service is excellent. I would change my rating to at least 4 stars!!!” – 4 Stars
“This water cooler is excellent. Easy set up. Bottom loading water is convenient. It is quiet in all modes, I saw reviews that said it’s noisy; that is not the case. Three temperatures is great. The nightlight is perfect for late night use. Lastly, delivery was prompt and as advertised. I recommend the product!” – 5 Stars


Our Rating – 9.3/10

After careful review, we give this product a 9.3/10. This is clearly a water dispenser that has your health at the forefront. Aside from its high-quality build, sleek stainless-steel cabinet, and easy-to-use push button spouts which make it so much more convenient to use,  the self-cleaning function (which is our favorite feature) simplifies cleaning and maintaining for this water cooler.

One of the best features of this unit is the price. You’re getting a high quality product that can for years at a very reasonable rate, especially considering some of the competitors are nearly 40% more expensive.

With a choice of 3 temperature settings, your home and office can enjoy moderate room temperature, piping hot, or icy cold water beverages. And finally, with Avalon’s top-rated, 5-star customer service that is ready to help provide a solution for any of your unlikely issues that may arise…what’s there not to love?

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