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Primo Deluxe Top Loading Hot/Cold Water Dispenser with Pet Station Review

People and pets both need to stay hydrated, right? Well, what better way than with a water dispenser and pet station in one? The Primo Deluxe Top Loading Hot/Cold Water Dispenser with Pet Station gives you the best of both worlds for a very competitive price.

Studies have shown that making water accessible can increase water intake up to 25%. With hot and cold water available at your fingertips, enjoying your favorite beverage is easy any time of the year. Healthy, clean, filtered water for both you and your pet is just a button away with!

If you want a quality water dispenser for you and your trusted furry companion, continue reading this Primo Water Dispenser with Pet Station review for more details.

Primo Deluxe Top Loading Hot/Cold Water Dispenser: Product Overview

product image of Primo® Water Cooler Dispenser + Pet Station

Description: Top loading, hot and cold water dispenser for pets.


  • Dimensions:11.8 x 11.8 x 41.1 inches
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • 3 – 5 gallon Bottle Capacity
  • Hot And Cold Water Dispenser
    Spill-proof bottle holder with leak guard
  • Designed for use in 110-120V grounded power outlet
  • Dishwasher-safe Drip tray and Pet bowl
  • LED nightlight
  • BPA-free certified
  • Internal stainless-steel water reservoir

Best Suited For:

  • All breeds of dogs and cats

Primo Deluxe Top Loading Hot/Cold Water Dispenser with Pet Station Review (Full)


Very little assembly is required to get the Primo Water Dispenser with Pet Station up and functioning. The packaging includes the removable drip tray and pet bowl, which are the only parts that actually need to be put in place.

With its elegant black and stainless steel finish, the Primo Deluxe Pet Station is attractively designed, and really compliments a living room space, kitchen, parlor, or any other room. The floor model design is slender enough that you can place it in a corner unobtrusively to save space.

The flex design pet water bowl can be attached on any side of the dispenser you choose, except the back. This feature gives you a lot of options when it comes to placement. A 110-120V grounded electrical outlet is required for power, so it needs to be positioned as close to an outlet as possible.

A water bottle is not included. You can, however, purchase a standard 3 – 5 gallon of filtered water from a convenience store, grocery, department store, gas station, or online.

Love drinking filtered water on the go? Check out the best filtered water bottles of this year to help keep you stay hydrated all day.

Assembly Steps For The Primo Deluxe Water Dispenser

  1. Attach the drip tray in place.
    Install bracket to prevent tipping of the unit.
  2. Attach the pet bowl on the side of your choice.
  3. Load 3 – 5 gallon water bottle on the top.
  4. Plug the water dispenser into the outlet.

Loading The Primo Deluxe Water Dispenser

The Primo Water Dispenser accommodates any standard 3 – 5 gallon water bottle. A spill-proof leak guard on the top of the unit helps to reduce potential spills while loading water. Since the water bottle isn’t concealed, you’ll be able to see clearly when the dispenser is in need of a refill.

Once the water bottle is loaded on top, no other adjustments or attachments are required. You just press hot or cold to dispense water from the taps, or into the pet bowl.

Construction Quality

From top to bottom, inside and out, the Primo Water Dispenser with Pet Station is durable and built to last. Premium internal stainless steel water reservoirs, premium finishes, as well as rigorously tested components ensure the dispenser will last you several years.

There are 2 stainless steel reservoirs inside the Primo Deluxe Pet Station for storing hot and cold water. The stainless steel provides further protection against the build up of harmful bacteria when the water is not in use.

It’s also worth mentioning that the pet bowl is made of BPA-free material, so you can feel secure that your beloved dog or cat can drink water that’s free of contamination.

Dispenser Functions

No need to use up all your ice cubes, or buy bags of ice to keep water cold for your pet. A built-in compressor unit keeps water in the Primo Water Dispenser with Pet Station ice cold at the press of a button while working at whisper quietness. Your furry friend will enjoy filtered cold water at a refreshing temperature of 40 degrees fahrenheit.

With a hot water dispenser included, you can blend the two for lukewarm water, or use the hot water directly for a quick spot clean.

Push-buttons on the top of the dispenser are clearly marked for hot and cold. A third button with a paw dispenses water directly into the bowl so you don’t have to bend your back doing it.

For added convenience, the Primo Water Dispenser with Pet Station also includes an LED nightlight to help your cat, dog, pup or kitten stay hydrated even in the darkest conditions. Best of all, you won’t trip over your pet’s water bowl in the middle of the night on the way to the kitchen!


Once you position the Primo Deluxe Water Dispenser and plug it in, you’ll never need to maintain it. There are no filters to replace, or internal parts that need to be cleaned. Stainless steel reservoirs inside the unit prevent harmful bacteria from building up and entering the water.

The pet bowl and the removable drip tray are dishwasher-safe. You can just throw them into the dishwasher without worrying that they’ll warp or melt. Keeping the Primo Water Dispenser’s elegant exterior clean is quite easy thanks to the use of stainless steel and the sleek black finish that hides stains so well.


  • No assembly or heavy duty maintenance required
  • Hot and cold water dispenser options give you more flexibility when serving water to your pets or for yourself
  • Primo flex pet bowl can be positioned left, right, or in the front of the unit for better spacing options
  • Quiet compressor is energy efficient and keeps water refrigerated at 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Quality stainless steel reservoirs resist bacteria build up to keep filtered water free of contaminants
  • Easy to maintain thanks to dishwasher-safe drip tray, bowl, and premium quality exterior finish
    Convenient LED nightlight prevents accidental spills at night and makes operating in dark conditions easier


  • Top loading design can be difficult for anyone with chronic muscle or joint pain

How To Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Animals need to stay hydrated just as much as humans. Young or old, short or long-haired, your cat or dog relies on you for everything, and that includes providing healthy drinking water. The larger the animal, the more water is consumed.

Keeping multiple pets can also be quite a challenge for any pet owner. Even with the best intentions, a busy schedule can easily lead you to overlook refilling the water bowl. Sometimes, pets need encouragement to drink adequate amounts of water.

Whether your pet is exclusively indoors, or an adventurer that travels in and out of your home frequently, here are some easy ideas to help you keep your beloved pet hydrated.

  1. Add water to your pet’s dry food.
  2. Give your cat tuna water strained from cans of tuna.
  3. Use a small water bowl that needs to be filled frequently.
  4. Keep your pet’s water bowl separate from the food to avoid mixing food debris in the water bowl.
  5. Place several water bowls around your home to make it more accessible.
  6. Keep the water as cold as possible by adding ice cubes. Use a water dispense with a pet station, such as the Primo Deluxe Water Dispenser with pet station.

These are a few ideas to help kick start your own creativity. The more you know about your pet’s habits, the easier it will be to find ways of increasing their water intake.

primo deluxe water filter review feature image

3 Features To Consider When Choosing A Quality Water Dispenser

While reading reviews of the best water dispensers, what should you be looking for? Exciting marketing terms and clever branding slogans can sometimes be deceptive. You can get quickly get overwhelmed by the number of choices available, particularly since the features all appear to be the same.

Assessing your needs is the first step before choosing a water dispenser. Even if you’re replacing an older model, for instance, what were the features you liked most? What irked you about your previous water dispenser?

Whether it’s your first time or your tenth, defining your wants and needs can help you narrow down the selection. Find out which features are available, and decide what type of water dispenser works best for you.

Top Loading

There are plenty of top loading water dispensers on the market. Their features may vary, but they all require you to load a water bottle onto the top of the device. They typically are designed to accommodate 3 – 5 gallon water bottles.

No special attachments are required, but some spillage will inevitably occur as you try to position the bottle and secure it in place. Look for dispensers that include a spill-proof leak guard to minimize the water loss, and your clean-up time.

Bottom Loading

A bottom loading water dispenser is loaded in the exact opposite manner, with a few additional steps. A cabinet for holding the water bottle is usually accessible from the front of the dispenser by means of a door. When the door is closed, the bottle remains concealed. There’s also an applicator tube that must be inserted into the water bottle before you place the water bottle inside the cabinet.

Since a bottom loading water dispenser conceals the water bottle, many quality brands include an indicator light that alerts you when a refill is needed.

Temperature Control

Do you live in a moderate climate with both hot and cold seasons? Are you tripping over your feet at night on the way to the kitchen for a cold glass of water because it’s always so hot? You’ll find three main options for temperature when it comes to water dispensers:

  1. Hot or Cold Only
  2. Hot and Cold
  3. Hot, Cold, and Room Temperature

Dispensers that offer 2 settings for hot and cold are useful all through the year, whether you want ice tea or a mochaccino. Others offer an additional third setting, lukewarm or room temperature. Finally, there are instant hot water dispensers for increasing your capacity of hot water, or standard water coolers for dispensing cold water only. The average temperature range for a quality hot and cold water dispenser is between 40 – 190 degrees fahrenheit.

Cold water requires a compressor. Heating water requires a heating element. Each of these require electricity, so look for the highest Energy Star ratings to find the most efficient water dispenser.

If you prefer the convenience of hot and cold water on demand, you’ll also want to look at units with energy efficient features. The best water dispensers include a dedicated switch for turning on or off the hot and cold functions. That way, you can turn off the unit when it’s not in use, conserve electricity, and save money.

Parents with young school age children, toddlers, or pets should look for a water dispenser with a safety lock for the hot water to avoid potential accidents.

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