Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Summer with High Quality Water

As summer heats up and the days get longer, we have lots more time for baseball games, fun at the beach, and road trip adventures, camping, and hiking.

But also keep in mind that sunny days and high humidity can cause you to lose your body’s hydration more quickly as you sweat. Also, depending on the climate you live in, additional water intake might be a necessity.

Some experts suggest that we should concentrate on plentiful water-rich foods during the summer months, like watermelon, strawberries, salads with plentiful greens, and cucumbers.

But undoubtedly, the best way to stay hydrated in the summer months is to drink plenty of fresh water. The average human being should drink roughly an ounce of water for every pound that they weigh.

In today’s world of chemical pollution and environmental hazards, that is often easier said than done. Just like everything else we consume, we have to make sure that the water we put into our bodies is clean and pure of harmful toxins. This is where water filtration systems come into play.

Dating as far back as 2000 B.C., ancient Greek and Sanskrit writers suggested that all people needed treat their water…somehow. It seems at this point in time that people knew heating water would work, but they also explored options using sand and gravel filtration and straining.

Then, it was more for taste than anything because there wasn’t a lot of scientific research on contaminants and germs.

Just 500 years later, the need to purify water was such common knowledge that artwork depicting other ancient purification methods could be found on the walls of the tombs of Egyptian rulers like Ramses.

Obviously, our human ancestors realized the importance of clean, great-tasting drinking water, later on even discovering that water filtration systems could prevent the spread of germs and plague.

Today, we’d be wise to follow in their footsteps. With so much discussion of the dangers of contaminated water making headlines around the world, people are looking for updated, safe, and affordable ways to provide clean water in their homes and on-the-go.


Water Filter Pitchers

Purchasing a water filter pitcher for your home is a great option for having clean water available at all times. Research has shown that the best filtered water pitcher will focus on contamination removal. Potential contaminants might include chemicals like fluoride, lead, chloramines, and chlorine.

Now, you probably are thinking that lead, fluoride, and chlorine sound familiar, calling to mind images of outdated paint, trips to the dentist’s office, and the scent of neighborhood pools. But what are chloramines and why are they something that needs removing? Well, chemical contaminants themselves are defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as “elements or compounds” that can be naturally-occurring or manmade.

Chloramines are added to drinking water to kill germs that can be harmful for human consumption. And, while the type of chloramines added to water is supposed to be safe in small amounts, the Center for Disease Control even says that exposure to this chemical can cause skin, eye, and respiratory problems.

Does that sound like something you want to risk in your drinking water? Probably not. A quality water filter pitcher is an affordable option for your home and will get rid of these toxins while sitting in your refrigerator or on your counter top. And while the system is filtering out the bad stuff, it’s still keeping in essential minerals like magnesium and calcium. The best part? The highest-rated pitchers sell for under $100!

Water Coolers

If you have a little extra counter space or room in your kitchen, a water cooler, typically found in the average American workplace, is a great investment into clean drinking water for you and your family at home, too.

While water pitchers are affordable and fit neatly next to your carton of eggs, one downside is that the process of filtering the water can take some time. If you don’t have time to lose, think of the convenience of a dispenser that immediately gives you a cool glass of clean water, all the while offering the option of boiling water for hot tea or hot chocolate.

Reviews of the best water coolers state that the best models self-clean internally and are made of hardy, long-wearing stainless steel. Warning lights alert you to when the water jug component will need replacing so you can plan for it, and child safety locks make it a great addition to homes with small children.

Aside from the convenience of either hot or cold water available at your fingertips without a wait, many grocery stores and large chains offer reusable bottles and refilling stations for a minimal fee. This can save you money and the hassles of trying to schedule time for a water company to come to your house for refills.

Primo Bottom Load Water Dispenser

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