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EcoPure EP7130 Water Softener Review

From dull and lifeless hair and skin, to build-up on showerheads and faucets, to unsightly rings on your bathtub, hard water can cause a lot of nuisances. This is why if you are dealing with hard water, it’s essential to invest in a water softener.

A good water softener will remove all the irons and minerals in your hard water that is making it difficult to lather soap, do laundry and more. Fortunately, there is a wide array of these water softening tools to choose from!

One of our favourite water purification tools on the market right now is the EcoPure EP7130 Water Softener – it’s compact, easy to use and comes with a lifetime of technical support!

At iWaterPurification we are committed to helping you find the best water softener for your home. Be sure to read our guide of water softener solutions to determine which one will best suit your home and water supply.

Read our review to learn more about this EcoPure water softener’s specs, advantages and additional details.

Basic Yet Effective All-Inclusive Kit

The EcoPure Water Softener makes it easy to access to clean drinking water. After all, clean drinking water is essential to healthy living — you can read more to learn about why staying hydrated is so important for human health.

The water softener is a space-saving, compact unit with an integrated single tank design. It is ideal for treating water from both city sources and private wells, and it comes with everything you need to get up and running. Even better, the tank doesn’t require too much room to be accommodated in your home.

Installation Kit: Whether or not you want to call in a plumber for assistance, your installation kit will include a bypass valve and a 1-inch ready-to-connect male pipe thread.

What Else You’ll Need: You’ll also require a pair of 1-inch female NPT connectors and enough tubing to bridge your water softener with your plumbing. If your drain is more than 10 feet away from the installation spot, you’ll need extra ½-inch tubing to compensate.

Regular drain tubing is supplied. As a note, you should ensure that the drain is no more than 30 feet from the softener. Do not elevate the drain line more than 8 feet above the softener’s base either.

Easy Installation

The unit is simple enough to install yourself even without much technical know-how. That said, if you have any element of doubt it always pays to call in a plumber to get the job done — but we’re pretty sure you can handle this one on your own!

Demand-Initiated Regeneration

With predictive technology easing the way, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a demand-initiated regeneration process in a regulation reverse osmosis water softening system.

Traditional Salt-Based Water Softening System: The EcoPure is simple to program, and the high flow valve will maximize water flow rates throughout your whole home.

Using the standard salt-based system of softening, you can get rid of all the problems brought about by hard water without too much user input. The technology does the hard work for you.

AutoSense Technology: If the idea of system regeneration confuses you and you don’t know how to calculate the amount of salt you’ll need, the predictive technology in the EcoPure can determine that for you.

The system will only use what it needs during regeneration in a seamless, demand-initiated set-up.

Alerts: A light flashes when the salt supply is getting low, but not before it is too late. You will have a few days’ grace period before it completely runs out. There’s also a water flow indicator which makes it clear when water is flowing through your system.

If you want even more help, you can sign up for optional filter reminders, meaning you’ll have very little to remember because your system will keep operating optimally.

Lifetime Responsive Technical Support for Your Water Softener

What do you do if your product is faulty or if you need a helping hand? Luckily, customer service is one of EcoPure’s strong suits.

Lifetime Technical Support: You’ll get a helpline staffed by experts, all fully trained in water treatment and capable of offering technical support around the clock. Customer care is provided in the lead-up to purchase, throughout the installation, and then for the lifetime of your water softener system.


While this water softener is built to go the distance and has fewer components than many more involved systems, it’s always reassuring to know that warranty coverage is in place as added protection.

A Decade of Coverage on the Tank: You’ll be covered for the first year for parts and labor while limited electronics are backed for three years after purchase. There’s also a limited guarantee in place for the tank for ten years, removing any headache from the purchase.

Extension: Purchase three bottles of EcoPure’s water softener cleaner during the first year after purchase, and your warranty will be extended by one year.

Measurements and Specifications

Item Model Number EP31007
Item Weight 82 pounds
Product Dimensions 18 x 24 x 46 inches
Temperature Range 40 to 120 degrees F
Family size 1 to 5 people

Capacity Description

30,000 grain


  • Demand-initiated regeneration helps you to cut down on energy costs and maintenance.

  • The low salt indicator is a useful touch that removes the guesswork from refilling.

  • NSF certified and backed by a solid warranty so you can buy with total confidence.


  • The manual is confusing in places, so you might need to call customer service or check out one of the many useful videos available online if you run into trouble.

The Bottom Line: EcoPure EP7130 Water Softener

If you’ve got a medium-sized household with up to five family members and you’re suffering from particularly hard water, the EcoPure is an affordable yet highly effective way to mitigate this issue.

Hard water symptoms can mar a range of things in your home. From unpalatable drinking water to reduced performance from soaps and detergents, from stains on your laundry to clogged up piping and appliances, there’s no need to suffer if you can avoid it.

The Autosense technology calculates precisely how much water and salt are needed for demand-initiated regeneration, helping to slash your energy consumption while also minimizing the amount of salt you’ll need to buy.

For a fully certified and tough all-in-one water softening solution, the EcoPure is a traditional unit that’s built to last while rejuvenating your water supply throughout the whole house.

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