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On The Market For The Best Whole House Water Softener? READ THIS!

When it comes time to invest in a water softener for your home, it’s important that you take the time to make the right choice.

The Fleck Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener system is an excellent choice for families that deal with really heavy water, especially with high iron concentration.

Fleck Iron Pro 2


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The Iron Pro 2 can be considered the flagship model from Fleck, a trusted brand that continues to stay at the forefront of water softener technology.

Fleck has been an industry leader for over five decades thanks to its reputable water softeners. Over the years, the brand has provided quality water softeners for residential and commercial water softeners — but this product is easily one of our favourites and one that your home will thank you for investing in.


Invest in Your Home and Comfort with a Whole House Water Softener System

Your home needs a whole house water softener system to maintain your appliances and plumbing and protect them from hard water. After all, if not armed with an effective whole house water softener system, hard water can build up, block pipes, and cause plumbing disasters.

These types of systems have capabilities to protect your home, and help keep your appliances functioning to the best of their abilities — this is why it’s so important to invest in the right whole house water softener system for you and your home

The Iron Pro 2 is an effective whole house water system; it acts as an iron filter and water softener all in one. Designed with fine mech resin, the softener has a long lifespan and is ideal for removing high concentrations of iron.

Fleck Iron Pro 2 AFW Filters Combination Water Softener

Investing in a water softener might not seem like the most exciting purchase you could make, but if you live somewhere that hard water is an issue, the results are well worth the modest expenditure. If you’re not sure if your home has hard water, there are easy ways to identify if you need a water softener to treat your water.

By softening water and removing minerals, you’ll get more than crisper drinking water. Your laundry will come out cleaner, your appliances and pipework will last longer, and you can kiss sticky hair goodbye when you’re bathing or showering.

The Iron Pro 2, as the name hints, also does more than just soften the water.


Get a Combined Water Softener and Iron Filter with the Iron Pro 2

Giving you a great deal of flexibility, the Iron Pro 2 will eliminate all the contaminants and sediment separating you from the water supply you deserve.

The thing is, the hard water coming from your water supply is packed with minerals — especially iron. This is where water softeners come into play, they are able to treat your water to reduce these minerals. Of course, some areas are more susceptible to high iron in their water than others. For example, this water is very common in northern and western counties in the US.

Your water is more likely to have high levels of iron if you have a private water source like a well, or if the iron water pipes diverting water to you are corroded.

Fortunately, it’s easy to tell if you are dealing with hard water with high iron. This water will leave red, yellow or brown stains, have a black appearance and a metallic taste. The easiest way to tell if you are dealing with water with high levels of iron is to let your water stand – if the water is high in iron, after left standing for the particles to settle, the water will turn red or yellow.

Fortunately, the right water softener system will treat your water by removing minerals like iron. Water softeners have multiple capabilities, but their main functions are as follows:


Filters Iron While Softening Water: By softening the water, the Iron Pro 2 will immediately help to eliminate the buildup of scale that can mar your faucets, appliances, and pipework while playing havoc with your skin and hair. Beyond this, the ferrous iron and some ferric iron in your water are removed through ionic exchange. That’s not all this hard-hitting combination model can do, though.

Removes Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, and Sulfur: The resin beads also remove magnesium and calcium during the first cycle before it gets to work on those iron ions. This stage also removes bicarbonates.

If you ever see a black and slimy residue in your water supply, it’s manganese. The Iron Pro 2 makes light work of this too. As a final kicker, you’ll also get rid of any smell of sulfur or chlorine contaminating your water.

Dependable Warranty: A five-year warranty covers the control head and valve, and you’ll get a full decade of coverage for the tanks. A 30-day satisfaction guarantee removes any headache from your purchasing decision and completes a robust warranty across the board.

Fleck Iron Pro 2 AFW Filters Combination Water Softener


Understand the Water Softener System’s Efficient Operations

We won’t conceal the drawbacks of a product from you, and there’s one serious flaw with this unit, but it has nothing to do with the water softener itself—it’s the user manual.


Confusing instructions: Inexcusably, the instructions are weak. Very weak. Not only is the guide unclear, the fact there are several very similar models confuses things even further. On the plus side, customer support is responsive and helpful. You can also refer to a number of installation videos.

Full set included: As well as the pair of tanks, digital controller and bypass valve, you’ll get 2 cubic feet of resin, a float tube assembly and funnel thrown in. This is all you need to start enjoying softer water right away without needing to head to the hardware store.

Automatic Metered Regeneration: The Iron Pro 2 has an integrated conservative mechanism. Water is measured through meter-based regeneration. In plain English, the system will only regenerate when needed leading to dramatic savings on resin consumption over time–handy since the resin is not particularly cheap.

User-friendly Controls: While this is a tech-driven and highly-capable water softener system, it’s also incredibly user-friendly. The digital controller has a bright, backlit display and a highly-intuitive interface. Touchpad controls are a breeze to navigate. With regeneration automated, the Iron Pro 2 represents a very hands-off experience. And let’s face it, that set-and-forget nature is precisely what you want from a water softener system.

Fleck Iron Pro 2 AFW Filters Combination Water Softener


High-grade Resin System with a Long Lifespan and Great Results

With resin pre-loaded, you’ll get a highly efficient weapon in your fight against the minerals and residue that spoil your water. A plastic funnel is provided for future filling.

Five-year lifespan: The resin is not cheap when it’s time to refill, but you’ll get 2 cubic feet pre-loaded, and you can expect over a half-decade of use. This longevity is enhanced by the meter-based regeneration, so you’ll get peak performance married to impressive lifespan.

Fine mesh ionic exchange resin: The fine mesh resin is designed to treat up to 16 GPM of water with the ability to deal with iron along with the other minerals attacked during water softening.


Fleck’s Industry-Leading Digital Valve

As with all water softener systems, the digital valve is all-important, but what makes this Fleck so strong?

Intuitive digital controller: The 5600SXT is Fleck’s most current controller based on the original 5600 with a tweak or two to intensify performance further. Coming with an onboard timer and backup power to deal with any power outages, you’ll get a digital valve that’s easy to operate without stiffing you in terms of functionality.

Five-year warranty: Backed for a full five years, you’ll have no concerns about potentially expensive replacements. This shows the confidence the manufacturer places in the valve. After all, no company expects to lose out on a warranty!


Measurements and Specifications

Part Number  Iron Pro 2
Item Weight   119.5 pounds
Product Dimensions 14 x 7 x 21 inches
Regeneration Meter-based
Water Consumption 16 GPM
Capacity Description   64,000 grain



  • Filters out iron as well as softening up to 16 GPM of water
  • Exceptional performance from resin which will last for five years
  • Fleck digital valve with five-year warranty gives you durability and performance combined


  • Instructions are imprecise and unclear, so it’s worth watching an installation video. Fortunately, the product comes with video installation instructions and a bonus installation kit to make things easier for you.


Fleck Iron Pro 2 AFW Filters Combination Water Softener


The Bottom Line

While this is not the most compact of water softeners, you get a great deal of built-in functionality from this product from fleck.

Equipped with over 50 years of experience making whole house water softener systems, Fleck is a trusted leader in the industry. Best known for their water softener and backwashing filter control valves, the company creates products for residential and commercial use. Fleck understands what a water softener needs to be effective, efficient and long-lasting.

The company is staffed with certified water specialists who are able to create these products and provide support for their systems. They are committed to customer satisfaction, which is why their products are among some of our favourite water softeners.

Most water softeners step up to the plate admirably on the softening front, but Fleck’s Iron Pro 2 goes an extra base with the way it removes ferrous iron from your water supply. Although it’s not particularly cheap, if you’re looking for a comprehensive and integrated water treatment solution, you should consider the Iron Pro 2 an investment rather than an expense.

Aside from weak instructions and the need to use a plastic funnel for the resin, this is a robust unit built to stand the test of time well worth further investigation. If you want even more firepower, there’s a class-leading 80,000-grain alternative too.


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