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Garbage Disposal LastOwner’s Guide: How Long Should a Garbage Disposal Last?

When you are buying a garbage disposal, you take into consideration various factors.

First, it has to be effective so you never have to worry about proper waste management and disposal.

In addition, the device has to be durable so as to last long (preferably over a decade).

But since a garbage disposal has to take in waste and crush them almost daily, it also gets damaged and is prone to breakage.

This has always resulted in many people asking “how long should a garbage disposal last”. If you are one of these people, then continue reading this article to get your answer.

Garbage Disposal Life

On average, a good disposal should last a good number of years before its motor burns out or blades wear down.

Depending on when you bought your unit (modern disposals last longer than older models), you may expect your gadget to last anywhere between 8 to 15 years. Of course, this will depend on how often you use your unit and if you use it the right way.

Warranty vs. Lifespan

Even if your garbage disposal unit lasts for more than a decade, there is a high possibility the warranty will not. Some devices are under warranty for just a few years; any issue that occurs after the warranty duration requires replacement or repair at your expense.

The warranty duration varies mainly from one model and manufacturer to the other; 2 to 7 years is often the most common duration for warranty, although you might get a model that offers a lifespan limited warranty.

However, even if the device is still covered, any sign of misuse, like grinding nonfood material in it, even if accidentally, may void the warranty.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance and Lifespan

We saw that your garbage device might last longer if your use it the right way.

What does this mean?

You know that there are certain stuffs that shouldn’t go down the unit.These devices are only meant for recyclable food – you shouldn’t put anything down there such as plastic, metal, or bones.

In general, if you want your machine to last longer, don’t allow the following foods to pass through it:

  • Oil and grease, which may solidify in the system and result in clogs.
  • Pasta and rice, which might expand when wet and cause clogs.
  • Stringy vegetables (such as celery), which might get caught in the blades and result in clogs.
  • Fruit pits and any other hard substance that may damage the blades.

Garbage Disposal Useful Life

If your device is between 8 to 15 years old and it is experiencing any of the following issues, it is possible that it has reached the end of its useful life:

  • Your machine won’t run.
  • Your device operates noisily.
  • Your unit runs slowly.
  • Your disposal is leaking.
  • Your gadget is jammed or clogged.
  • Your device makes a humming noise.
  • Your machine doesn’t produce any noise at all.

If you spot any of the above signs, don’t go asking how long should a garbage disposal last? It is the high time you replaced your machine with a new one.

To ensure that your new model last long, ensure that you get the same size (as the worn out model) or a bigger one. These devices come in different horsepower sizes, and a qualified plumber may help you determine the right size.How Long Should a Garbage Disposal Last

Extending Garbage Disposal Life

It is possible to extend your garbage disposal life. Here, you need to know what to and not to put down the machine’s system.

Think fibrous foods – they aren’t good for your device because they have a way of getting to the blades and making them clog up. We are talking about lettuce, celery, carrot and potato peels, artichokes, kale, chard, and onion skin.

Additionally, you shouldn’t put uncooked rice or pasta down the system because when they mix with water, they expand, rending your unit useless. If you wish to extend the life of your device, avoid putting these stuffs down the system:

  • Coffee grinds
  • Fibrous food – affect the motor
  • Egg shells – clog the pipes
  • Uncooked rice and paste – clog the drain
  • Grease – reduce blades effectiveness
  • Fats and oils – clog the drain
  • Non-food substance – such as plant clippings, sponges, twist ties, and cigarette butts.

In Conclusion

By following the above tips, you might at least lengthen the life of your device. But you also need to remember that just like all other appliances, they are prone to damage and get old with regular use.

In as much as you desire your system to last long, the lifespan of this unit will still depend on other factors.

So, ensure that you buy only the best unit that is effective and the one that will take a hard beating.

I hope the article has helped you to know how long should a garbage disposal last.

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