Rainwater Harvesting: A Simple Beginner's Guide

A red maple leaf floats in a tin bucket on the surface of the water with falling raindrops

Harvesting rainwater may sound like an antiquated, outdated method of accessing water, but the practice is much more widespread than you might imagine. Common in many underdeveloped countries, it also serves many US households in remote areas and rural communities where access to municipal drinking water is unreliable or even non-existent.

As the number of US cities with water contamination increases, alternate sources of clean drinking water will become more relevant and in demand. Harvesting rainwater may not become the next homeowner’s trend anytime soon, but it’s worth investigating and more practical than you think.

The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association(ARCSA) is a national organization catering to homeowners or anyone with an interest in harvesting rainwater. Rainwater harvesting systems are available from different brands, but hundreds of the two thousand -plus ARCSA membership built their own custom configurations

Using a few simple low-cost materials and some know-know, it’s possible to construct a rainwater harvesting system for your cabin, private wilderness resort, ranch or your home.