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Ready Hot Water Dispenser Review

A tankless water heater provides hot water on demand, but a hot water dispenser can be a more cost effective alternative. If you want a quality hot water dispenser for your apartment, condo, home office or even a 1 – 2 Bathroom homes, the Ready Hot RH100 F560 is well worth considering.

Economically priced and highly efficient, the Ready Hot RH100 Water Dispenser System is an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ winner for instant hot water, but is it right for you?

Read this Ready Hot RH100 Water Dispenser System review to learn more about the features, pros and cons of this unit.

Hot Water Dispenser System, Includes Brushed Nickel Dual Lever Faucet


  • Dimensions: 11 x 7.75 x 11.75 inches
  • Weight: 11.85 pounds
  • Max 190 degree Fahrenheit
  • 780 watt Instant Hot Water Tank
  • Automated Heater Protection
  • 2.5 Quarts (Half-gallon) Stainless Steel Tank
  • Dual hot and cold chrome faucet
  • Max Temperature Indicator Light

Best Suited For:

  • Great for frequent servings of hot beverages (eg coffee, tea, cocoa, soup)
  • Cleaning pots and pans
  • Removing stubborn jar lids

RH-100-F560-BN Hot Water Dispenser System Review (Full)

When you need hot water but want to save money, a hot water heater dispenser can be a more economical alternative to a tankless water heater. Installed at the point of use in your home, it can reduce your water heater usage by providing an additional, dedicated hot water supply for minor household needs.

Manufactured by Ready Hot, the RH100 delivers more than 40 cups of hot water per hour at near-boiling temperatures of 140F – 190F. You can enjoy the convenience of serving or preparing hot beverages without running out of hot water.

This on-demand water dispenser can be installed under the kitchen sink at the point-of-use to make your kitchen more efficient. Conserve your water heater and use the RH100 instead for hot soups, coffee, tea, or hot chocolate anytime day or night.

Inexpensive to maintain and quite affordable, the RH100 by Ready Hot is quality and economy all in one for most of your minor hot water needs.

What We Like…

EASY TO INSTALL: Installing the RH100 Ready Hot is a fairly straightforward affair. There are 2 intake pipes for hot and cold, which connect to your pipes by tubing. Once you mount it under the sink and attach the tubes, you’re off to the races instantly with an added supply of hot or cold water at your fingertips. It really takes only minutes to install this instant hot water dispenser!

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The dual faucet is brushed nickel [1]. Inside the unit is a 2.5 quart stainless steel tank for storing water. You’ll find the plastic casing is highly durable for longevity. Powered by a 780 watt stainless steel heating element, the RH100 doesn’t pull a lot of energy but heats the water rapidly.

CONVENIENT FEATURES: You can adjust the temperature on the RH100 Ready Hot by turning the temperature control dial on the front of the unit. The temperature range is between 140F – 190 degrees fahrenheit, which is close to the boiling point. There’s also an indicator light to let you know when the tank is fully heated.

INSTANT HOT WATER: No waiting for water to boil, no waiting for the hot water in your tap to reach the right temperature. As soon as you turn the RH100 faucet, steaming hot water comes out!

DUAL HOT AND COLD DISPENSER: Thanks to the dual faucet, you can avoid having to install 2 additional faucets. You’ll be surprised at how refreshingly cold the water is! Despite being a hot water dispenser, the RH100 is also really convenient for a cold glass of water, or for mixing a cold drink such as iced tea.


  • The instructions are a bit confusing when it comes to identifying hot and cold inlets.
  • Some users have found the hot water has a ‘plastic’ taste, as a result of traveling through the plastic tubing.
  • You may find the 5/16” hot water tubing is too short for your kitchen sink. This could make positioning the RH100 Ready Hot Water Dispenser a bit complicated.

5 Benefits Of An Instant Hot Water Dispenser

It’s not easy trying to decide which home appliances will be the best solution for your needs. Whether you’re seeking to increase your hot water capacity or save money on heating your current water supply, an instant hot water dispenser can make a valuable addition to your household.

Here are the 5 key benefits a hot water dispenser provides:

1. Convenience

Competition for hot water in a busy household can be aggravating at times, but a hot water dispenser solves the problem.

By integrating a hot water dispenser into your home or office kitchen, you essentially add another water supply without the cost of installing another pipeline. Instead of relying on one source, you’ll have a second faucet that can be used to serve hot or cold drinks while you’re busy preparing a meal or washing dishes, for example.

2. No Installation Cost

While tankless electric water heaters or gas tankless water heaters do require costly installation, a hot water dispenser is made for DIY installation. No tools or expertise or required either. Most brands of hot water dispensers can be connected to your existing kitchen pipes, an RO water filtration system, or water softener with virtually no hassle.

3. Low Maintenance

Virtually no maintenance is required to use your hot water dispenser. Once it’s installed, the heating element only activates when in use. If you’re not using the dispenser, the heating element shuts off, so there’s little wear and tear and no need to replace the element unless it is damaged.

4. Compact Design

Like tankless water heaters or a countertop water dispenser, a hot water dispenser is compact enough to install unobtrusively under your kitchen sink. It integrates smoothly into your existing kitchen space without taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen or office space.

5. Energy Efficient

Maintaining adequate hot water supply in a busy home can be a challenge. If you have multiple water appliances, a water heater, and multiple baths, the strain on your appliances can increase wear and tear. Water pressure can drop when more than one faucet is being used for hot water, forcing you to run appliances for longer and use more energy.

The increased hot water capacity provided by a hot water dispenser bypasses all of these problems. In fact, a hot water dispenser uses less energy to heat more water than the average kettle does. You’ll actually be able to use more water with less energy.

Hot Water Dispenser Vs A Kettle: Which Should You Buy?


By far, a kettle is less costly than a hot water dispenser. Many dispensers do not include a faucet, while some are dual faucet design.

Ease of Use

No expertise or tools are needed to use a kettle. They can be stored on your kitchen counter with ease.

A hot water dispenser is much larger than the average kettle, due to its larger capacity, heating element, and storage tank. Once installed however, a hot water dispenser is as easy to use as a kitchen faucet.


An instant hot water dispenser has a larger capacity than your average 250ml kettle. If you frequently dispense cups of hot water in your home, office, or studio, for example, a hot water dispenser provides higher efficiency than a kettle. A busy home with young children and pets will find a hot water dispenser much more efficient.

For single servings of hot water that aren’t frequent, you’re better off with a standard electric or stove top kettle. If you drink less than 3 cups of coffee per day and you live or work alone, for example, an instant hot water dispenser is simply overkill.

How Much Electricity Does An Instant Hot Water Heater Use?

Depending on the tank size, a quality instant hot water heater will use more or less electricity to power the heating element. As you would expect, higher volumes of water require more electricity to heat [2].


You’ll find that most units have a water capacity between one-third or half-gallon in size.


Wattage ranges approximately from 500 to 1,300 watts.

A 750-watt, half-gallon tank, for example, can dispense a maximum of 60 cups of hot water per hour. Higher wattage tanks can deliver up to 100 cups. The Ready Hot RH-100, for example can dispenses 40+ cups of hot water per hour, utilizing a 780 watt heating element, with a tank slightly larger than half a gallon (2.5 quarts).

Hot Water Dispenser Buying Options By Type

Dual Faucet Hot Water Dispenser

Some brands of instant hot water dispensers are dual faucet, so you can use them for both hot and cold water. Such units are ideal for large homes with children and pets who drink frequently. They are also very useful for households in moderate or cold climates that experience winter, spring, summer and fall seasons.

A dual water dispenser eliminates the need for installing 2 additional spouts in your kitchen sink. These types of instant hot water dispensers can also be easily connected to a water filtration system or water softener.

You might also find these reviews of the best whole house water filtration systems useful.

Sinktop Spout Dispenser

Be careful when shopping for a hot water dispenser. Not all brands include the sinktop spout as well as the heating tank which heats and stores the water.

A tank-style instant hot water dispenser includes both the heating tank and the sinktop spout or faucet. Chrome, brushed nickel, or stainless steel faucets are highly durable and rust resistant, so look for these construction materials in a quality unit.

Sinktop spouts can be found in a variety of finishes, so you can usually find one that compliments your existing decor. Black, white, almond, chrome, satin nickel, and brass are typically the options you’ll find offered by top brands like InSinkErator, Everpure, and Waste King.

[1] The Advantages Of Stainless Steel Vs Brushed Nickel (Hunker)

[2] How do you calculate the energy required to heat water? (Quora)

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