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Waste King Legend Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal – L8000 Review

Waste King Legend 8000 (L-8000)The Waste King Garbage disposer measures 8 5/8” wide by 16 1/16” high, so it is a small product.

It is an easy to clean device as its splash guard is removable.

Additionally, it comes with a long power cord, and it’s fitted with a hookup for your dishwasher.

It also features a reset button that is placed on the front part of the disposer, and the product works well with your septic tank.


The model’s package comes with the following things:

  • Waste King L8000 1.0 HP disposal
  • EZ mount system with these elements
    • Sink flange
    • Fiber gasket
    • Rubber sink flange gasket
    • Supporting ring
    • Cushion mount
    • Mount ring
  • Power cord
  • Splash guard and stopper
  • Owner’s manual guide
  • Discharge elbow that comes with 2 screws and a metal gasket

Easy Installation System

Installing the disposer is easy using the EZ installation system. You only need to twist and lock the device to secure it. To change the gadget, you simply apply the same technique but in a reverse manner.

I really like this idea as it doesn’t require any special training or tool.

According to the users’ reviews, the EZ mount is easier and simpler than a three-bolt mounting system. Therefore, you don’t need to panic if you don’t have plumbing skills or installation experience.

A few beginners get it right the first try because the firm provides you with a detailed guide that shows you step-by-step instructions.

Furthermore, there are useful tutorial videos on the company’s website that comes in handy. Those tutorials provide you more clarification as well as understanding. I would highly recommend you to go through the manual first and then watch the videos (you will easily mount the gadget yourself).

You need to be sure that you are mounting the King Legend 8000 the right way to avoid any reworks.

The model’s package comes with a 36” power cord with an easy plug at the other end. Hence, you can plug your unit into an electric socket with ease. You don’t need to use another $10 to buy one yourself.

A Heavy-Duty Product

The Waste King L8000 is a serious garbage disposal. It is intended for individuals who do a lot of entertaining and cooking. Hence, the product is made of durable material that will last you for decades.

My sister has owned this product for over a decade and it has endured a lot of abuse from her teenage kids who cannot understand a simple concept such as “don’t put a sack of potato peels down the drain” and visiting friend who want to “work” in the kitchen.

Up to date, her garbage disposal is still working. Therefore, in terms of durability, this product is about as strong as the company makes it.

Reasonable Noise Level

Based on different research and what the company claims, all the grinding elements of L8000 features insulation to minimize the level of noise they produce. The device’s outer part which looks like a shell is made to minimize the noise level when you are grinding.

You might assume that a lot of noise should originate from its powerful 1 HP magnet motor. However, this isn’t the case because it often comes from the vibration during grinding. This is often a small matter.

After all, you only use the product for a short time, so why worry about the noise level. You will be okay with the motor noise level.

An Affordable Product

One thing I like about this product is its affordability. You will never get a 1 horsepower garbage device with a lifetime guarantee for a cheaper price than the L8000. The producer’s price is about $300 but you can get it at far less from one of those famous online stores.

A Lifetime Warranty

One vital factor when you are buying a product is the duration of the warranty. The majority of garbage disposers provide a warranty that runs between 1-5 years.

If you are like me, you will be amazed to know that this device doesn’t offer one, but 2-lifetime warranties. Without a doubt, these warranties are some of the longest and best in the industry.

  • The firm provides a lifetime in-house service warranty for material or mechanical failure.
  • The firm also provides a lifetime warranty against corrosion for any malfunction that might occur due to corrosion.

Sadly, these warranties only apply to the original buyer.

Find more Waste King Legend L8000 information and reviews here

Key Features/Benefits

Waste King Legend L8000 boasts of the following features:

  • The product comes with a removable splash guard that enables you to see what is inside the chamber.
  • The disposer comes with a 36” length of power cord. You don’t need to buy a cord from your local store.
  • The device also features a dishwasher hookup that is easy to connect to your dishwasher.
  • The product’s reset button is placed at the front part which makes it easy to activate or access.
  • It is possible to hook up this garbage disposal to your septic tank.

The Pros

You will get a lot of pros from the Legend 8000, including but not limited to the following:

  • Save energy because it’s an energy efficient product
  • You will get jam free, mess free operation
  • You will also enjoy your time when installing the product
  • You will be able to connect your device to your dishwasher

The Cons

Just like other products, there are a few cons you will get with this product. They include:

  • An annoying clanking sound may occur when you switch it on and it might disturb you.
  • The unit only comes with a chrome flange. They don’t provide a stainless steel product.
  • The detachable parts might give you a hard time when cleaning them due to scratch.

The Bottom Line

The Waste King Legend 8000 garbage disposal is a great product for its price level (entry-level garbage device). You will realize that it crashes food fairly smoothly, and it is reasonably quiet when operating.

You will also find the ease of mounting one of the products as a pro.

Additionally, cleaning the gadget is easy as well. The product is worth your investment and I really recommend it.

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