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Whirlaway 291 0.5 HorsePower Garbage Disposer Review

Whirlaway 291 1/2 Horsepower Garbage DisposerThe Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposer is one of the most powerful garbage units in the market today.

This small capacity garbage disposer is specially designed for a homeowner who wants light duty disposal power. Its small size helps you to safe space in your kitchen.

Whirlaway 291 price tag is affordable, and its capable ½ HP motor has more than enough power to meet all the needs of a family of three, single person, or a couple.

Also, longevity and durability are the most important characteristics that all homeowners want in their kitchen tools and this model deliver exactly that.

For homeowners looking for food disposers that will get their jobs done every time they flip on the button and do not have large amount of waste, this garbage disposer is the best solution.

Type of Waste to Put In

This is one of the questions most customers ask and you are not an exception. The ordinary answer is that you are only supposed to put in organic kitchen waste. However, Whirlaway 291 0.5 HorsePower Garbage deals with various food scraps. The other good thing about this tool is the way its blades work. The blades do not spin like any other disposer, they slide and this prevents jamming.

The EZ mount is Easy

If you have ever dealt with disposers from Waste King, mounting this disposer will be very easy; for a newbie plumber, this will only take you about 10 mins.

However, if this is your first plumbing experience, you should read the instruction manual thoroughly.

Also, you can watch instructional videos on YouTube, but overall, Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposer is easy to install. You will not need an experienced plumber to do it for you and this is a huge plus.

Once you have the installation process in heart, you are ready to go and nothing should set you back.


The blades move side to side, and they do not spin. The side-side movement minimize jams in the tool. This garbage disposer is one of the standard disposer that comes with a design that most customers covet.

It has standard head, and it will fit snuggly in the area under your kitchen sink with ease. The unit should be hard wired.

There is a reset button used when the unit over heat and when there is jam in the unit. This switch located direct opposite the hard wire. The disposal also comes with a removable splash guard. It is lightweight; its weight is 8.7 pounds and it measures 13.7” by 6.1” by 5.9”.


When compared to standard warranty for Waste King disposers, the units 2-year OTC (over the counter) warranty tends to put off a good number of customers. However, it’s is not fair to compare this unit with other models with Waste king disposers, mainly because it’s price is much lower.

Even better, most consumer who checked the unit to confirm it had no error at the time of purchase says you won’t experience problems with the unit. At least not until it is time to purchase a new disposer for your home.

So, although you might tend to think this product does not have bells and whistles to it, when quality and price are combined, it comes out as one of the wonderful, 0.5 HP disposers that give real value for money.

Size, Power and Noise

Even though the splashguard does a good job in muffling some of the sound the unit produces, the unit is a bit noisy. Its permanent magnet motor gives enough power for grinding the light food waste, but the unit cannot pulverize large amount of food waste at once.

It is lightweight making it easy for you to install alone. The unit has a compact size that can fit under your sink in the kitchen hence saving space for you to work in.

Grinder and Feed

The unit grinder is made up of non-corrosive components, so it will not rust. This ensures you longevity of the machine. The machine is the ideal for grinding light clean ups and light food waste. Light food waste includes fruits and vegetables.

The waste movement in side by side motion meaning jam in this machine is limited. Its splashguard is removable and this makes it easy for you to clean up. The splashguard also muffles the sound produced during operation.

The unit is only 0.5 horsepower and you should not put tough waste.

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  • It is compact, meaning it saves space.
  • Whirlaway 291 0.5 HorsePower Garbage has permanent magnet power that produces enough power to crush even the toughest food waste.
  • Its grinders are made of non-corrosive components.
  • Easy and fast mount.
  • Has a removable splashguard.
  • Safe for nicely sized septic tanks.

The Pros

  • It is lightweight and it is easy to install it alone.
  • Its compact size ensures that it easily fit under the sink, saving you space
  • Its mount system makes an easy connection.
  • Its price tag is affordable.
  • It is ideal for lightweight food wastes.
  • No need of dishwasher hookup; it is already there you only need to punch out its plug.
  • Comes with all hook ups items you need, and it save for cord.

The Cons

  • Whirlaway 291 0.5 HorsePower Garbage cannot hold large amount of garbage.
  • It does not come with a clearing jam tool.


Finally, I used Whirlaway 291 0.5 HorsePower Garbage and I love everything about this unit. It is very easy to install the machine and the instructions were clear.

It does not come with power cable but I used old cable from a different model. The interesting thing about this unit is you only need few tools to install it.

Personally, I used a screw driver only and I did the task alone.

The unit was enough for my home need and a bigger disposal could have only occupied my space in the kitchen.

The Whirlaway 291 0.5 HorsePower Garbage can be a good garbage disposal, if you are looking for a small, affordable and easy to install unit, give it a trial.

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